Being discouraged


So, I a back, as you can see. Thank you all for your patience, and show of support.

Its good to be back, really.

My mood is in a funk, however. More irritation than anything.

I was on my way out this morning, and told ‘whats the hurry, you don’t have a job.’

UntitledSo, evidently to this person writing books isn’t a ‘job’.

I think I hate this person.

Anyway. I’m here in the safety of my coffee shop. Maybe its not a job, but I still have a book to write.

I am also considering a change of scenery, as in…a move. My daughter is grown and more than capable of taking care of herself. I am considering moving closer to either my older sister, or perhaps my parents, which would mean another country altogether.

I really hate leaving this area though. I’m comfortable here. My doctors are here. I know where to go when I need something. Its just…comfortable.

But maybe its time for a change. New place, new people. The familiar faces of family. I really hate the thought of leaving my daughter though, and she wouldn’t be able to just conveniently visit, especially if I moved to be closer to my parents. They live down in Guatemala. Moving to be closer to my older sister would just have me moving about 4 hours away, to Atlanta, Ga..  I really hate Atlanta, though. Its too big for me.

The other problem with moving to be close to my parents, is I don’t speak a lick of Spanish. I have a hard time just ordering at Taco Bell. 😛


So, I am pretty discouraged with things right now. Very stressed. I hate being stressed. I cant focus on the things I need to when stressed. I’m easily distracted, and find myself sitting here with my mind wondering.


Its time to get back on the ball, however. I have an inbox full of mail, a couple days worth of blog posts to read through, etc.. And then getting back to work on book two. But, seeing as it isnt a ‘job’, I guess I wont rush.

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  • blondeusk

    Good to see you back on it! I have been ill with a very serious cold and spent a lot of time lost within the Netflix vortex…

    • Zoe Ambler

      Oh! I hope you get to feeling better!!! I am finally getting over that nastiness I had, still have the cough a little, but its slowly abating. Feel better soon…watch out on that vortex of DOOM!!!

  • marcies04

    The day writing becomes anything less than a job I guess i’ll quit it!!! Just kidding. People have no clue just how much a job writing really is and all that goes into it. It insults me to the core when my friends or acquaintances refer to my writing as a hobby when it’s anything but.

    I don’t work regular shift hours and don’t make an hourly wage but all in all, writing is hard. It can be very stressful and yes, it takes effort, it takes muscle, total focus and patience, but more than that, it requires dedication and willpower especially if its considered a career…

    Just sayin!

  • adamjasonp

    Giving people hopes, and uplifting their imaginations to newer heights should be considered a job if it encourages people to do better in life.  If your book makes people more productive, then you’re helping the economy more than just the publishing company, etc.  Just a thought.

    • marcies04

      In a nutshell, writing is what you make it. Some write for the ‘hobby’ of it and others write because it is what they they do – their job, their career, their life. Some people just don’t understand that though we love it and it’s second nature to us, it is our career. My husband, though he pretends he is supportive, says little things like “when you start making all that money writing, we’ll retire!” and it ticks me off to the core. Yet, he’s a minister and stays in his office 90% of his free time studying the word to preach a sermon to a handful of people (we have a very small country church) two days a week and this is his job, his living so to speak and yet, what he brings in in the offering plate don’t do justice at all to the time he puts into it. But no one is allowed to interrupt his work, his job. He has to study and be prayed up … yeah right.

      My point is (I’m a Christian so I don’t have a problem with it and would never discourage him in any way) my career is as important to me as his is to him, and it’s not fair the way he nitpicks mine, yet I dare not say something against his. Like Kaine mentioned above, “so many of the folks who will claim that writing isn’t a “real job” (regardless of whether you have other employment or not, or if it’s a side project, or “just for fun”) will be the first to throw a fit if you interrupt their crocheting, Twitch gaming, painting or baking (equally irrelevant of their pro, semi-pro or amateur status).”

      You don’t dare interrupt them or make a crack about what they do – that’s a no-no and will get our hands slapped!

      I love to write more than anything, and I learned a long time ago who I can talk to about it and who I can’t. When my first book came out in March 2014, the first thing my husband asked was, “How much money will you get from it? What about the royalties?” Immediately he saw dollar signs – boy, was he supportive. When my first check came in on the sales, he was disappointed and has never brought it up again. He wasn’t supportive because of my profession to any degree, he just thought he’d be able to dip into the goodies and enjoy a little spending money at my expense. Not!

      Come on over to The Writer’s Monthly Review and see what’s going on! Love to write? Then visit our site at

      Hang in there Zoe! Stay right where you are and write! Moving away want help your muse but being in the presence of those who understand will. We got your back!

  • Kaine Andrews

    Funny how so many of the folks who will claim that writing isn’t a “real job” (regardless of whether you have other employment or not, or if it’s a side project, or “just for fun”) will be the first to throw a fit if you interrupt their crocheting, Twitch gaming, painting or baking (equally irrelevant of their pro, semi-pro or amateur status), though, isn’t it? XD

    In all seriousness though, you have my sympathies; I used to live with someone who would instantly decide it was “their time” when I’d open the word processor, and would say things like “It’s not like it’s a job,” or “it’s not that important, is it?” *shudder*

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