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Hospital gowns are still unflattering

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I’m liquifying.

Yes, its true. Turning into some sort of gooey slime-like form.

I think its a zombie virus gone bad. I haven’t test the theory yet, but sometimes tonight someone is getting bitten. ITS FOR SCIENCE!!!

So I haven’t done a lot but wallow around. I did see the doctor and get some meds, because, probably to the rejoice of many, I have now lost my voice.

Have I mentioned the amounts of goo and snot? Its epic.

The meds make me tired, but when I lay down, I get hot and uncomfortable. I’m getting little real rest. I tried watching netflix, but can hardly make it through a single episode of anything.

Lets not talk about writing. Argh. Lets just say, this is the fourth draft of this post because my brain isn’t connected to my figures properly and I seem to be just making up words as I go a long.

I stopped with the Blogger U 101 thing. Really, its for the way beginner. It seems silly for me to do it unless they do something for someone more advanced.

HOWEVER…I noticed they are having ‘WordCamps’ all over the world. Pretty much WordPress Geek conventions.

And there is one in Atlanta Georgia in March.

Guess who is going?!

Anyone else in the area going?

I have family there, so I can always drive them insane if the ‘Wordcamp’ isn’t as fun as it sounds.

But, it sounds cool, and I’m always looking for reasons to go to a convention of some sort!

Well, off to take meds and shove tissues in my head.

Anyone wishing to test my zombie theory, let me know, I’m come bite you, slobber on you, possibly snot on you…and you can be a half-assed zombie like me! 😀

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