Blogging 101 and other thangs….


The assignments I’ve slacked off on:

Today’s assignment: create and publish your About page, and adapt it for a widget on your home page.

Today’s assignment: create and upload a simple header, background, or both. Already done? Try a custom widget.

Will I bother? Nupe. I think I’m doing fine enough on my own without this whole blogging U. Maybe if they threw in something I haven’t tried yet, sure. Or maybe a blogging 201. Eh, We’ll see.

So what have I been doing with my time you may wonder?

I had planned on talking to tons of people and interviewing them and stuff like that.


I have been wallowing in bed. Snotting everywhere. Coughing everywhere. Sweating everywhere.

Snotting more. Lets not leave out that gooey little detail.

I DO feel better…I just feel like I’m melting. Through my nose.

I am getting some good rest though, which I suppose is a plus.

My appetite could be better though. Yanno, I tried to have some noodles today, I thought I was going to be sick! WASTE OF NOODLES!!! NNOO!!!!

So, I’m chilling at the moment, blowing my nose or sneezing every 5 minutes as I drink some coffee.

I just wanted to get at least one post in.

Hopefully I’ll be back on track tomorrow.


Oh, I’d high five you…but snot…yanno…Bleh…

5 comments on “Blogging 101 and other thangs….

  1. daphnecybele says:

    Feel better soon! My husband has it, and I am probably doomed to also get it. Your post made me smile.Happy blogging,


  2. daphnecybele says:

    Feel better soon! My husband has it, and I am probably doomed to also get it. Your post made me smile. Happy blogging,


  3. theblogwoman says:

    Ugh, don’t touch me with your germs. I have spent the last 5 days with icky crud sickness with me as the nurse to 2 needy buggers.

    Snot. Thank you for that. Get well and then we can have coffee and get down with a chat. But not until you get your boogers under control.

    And this means I care enough to tell the truth.😂😂

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  4. Get to feeling better soon!


  5. mindocr says:

    Reblogged this on Mindocr’s Weblog.


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