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Just a little update on the 'Spotlight'


My brain is not cooperating with me today due to this horrific chest cold and the painkillers they put me on for the jaw pain from the arthritis.

However, I wanted to take a moment to update everyone on how the ‘Spotlight‘ is going to work.

All the lovely authors and bloggers that have shown interest and have been kind enough to work with me will get a blog post here, on zoeambler.com, as well as Blogher and my Blogspot.

Here on zoeambler.com you will also get a static page with your works, links and Q&A that I will leave up for about a week, with regular tweets. It will also show up on my Facebook and other social media accounts.

So all in all, its some good coverage. 🙂

Thank you to all who have shown interest, and have had patience as I seem to be hitting a snag health-wise.

So so sick…


I have gotten myself a chest cold. IT. IS. HORRID.

I feel absolutely terrible.My chest hurts and its awful when I cough.

You have to keep in mind that I have COPD.

So, I’m here to send my apologies to those I am planning to have interviews with. Its going to be pushed back a little. 🙁

I am debating whether or not to even continue with Bloggers U.

Oh, yes..another lovely development…Had no idea it was going to get so cold last night. My pipes are frozen. No water. ~head desks~

Exciting things coming….


Exciting things are coming.

This week I will be starting the ‘Spotlight’. Interviews with authors and bloggers.

Do you want to be interviewed, Zoe style? Need a little more promotion or whatever? Shoot me a mail at zoeambler@zoeambler.com. We’ll get things set up.

Now, on to other news.

My health. My severe ear infection that isn’t an ear infection at all is actually acute arthritis!
Oh, we’re talking about me. Yeah, that sums it up. I have arthritis in my jaw. IN MY FACE!
Well, at least I got more pain meds. Wasn’t a total waste of time.

So I was able to get some sleep. And I am really sleepy right now. So anything of importance is just going to have to wait. The pain meds do leave me drowsy, and that’s good, so I can finally get some much needed sleep.

So, good things to come later this week and this weekend, and if you’d like to be spotlighted on my pages, just let me know in comments and email. There are a few of you I will be poking at myself cause I just love ya!

Be sweet my sweeties!

Blogging 101 Assignment

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images (4)

Today’s Assignment: publish a post for your dream reader, and include a new-to-you element in it.

Yeah…I think its stupid too. I haven’t a clue as to a ‘dream reader’. I don’t want just one kind of reader. I want readers from all walks of life and varied opinions and mind-sets.

It would be a cop out to just sit here and say “my dream reader would be an avid fan of my books and want more’. Also, that pretty self absorbed.

My goal here is to engage all people and build a fan base from the many splendid varieties of people out there. Not just one with one mindset.

So I guess today is an ‘F’ day.

It’s okay. You should have seen my defiance in high school. Yanno, I actually got suspended in the sixth grade once because I proved my history teacher wrong. He was so humiliated, he had me suspended.

What was my parents reaction to this? My dad strode into the principals office, smiled and said “Alright, 5 day weekend…we’re going to the beach, go get in the car…”. And then he made the principal assign me to a history teachers class that actually knew what he was teaching, not just his point of view on history.

Fun times.

I’m rambling. I’m heavily medicated. I’ll post about that in a bit.


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