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On not feeling well


As all who read my blog know, I am suffering through what I thought was just a very painful ear infection. Yesterday the doc said that wasn’t the case and set me up to see a specialist to be checked out.

On the meantime, for the severe pain I’m in, she did prescribe me some good painkillers. They leave me sorta lethargic. Okay, they leave me a lot lethargic. I’m sleepy-ish, but when I lay down I cant sleep.

The throbbing pain is manageable now, though every few minutes a shooting pain will race through my ear and head. Pain. I don’t like it. Again, I have a high tolerance for it, but these pains come on so quick, out of no where, and are so sharp they literally make me wince.

So, please forgive me if I am not as entertaining as usual. I hate feeling like I’ve let anyone down. Really, the most I’ve been doing when not laying down is reading all your lovely blogs, liking blog entries, commenting and re-blogging those things I like.

I am still going to manage my Bloggers University assignment later, but for now, I am just…meh. Lethargic. I don’t like it.

I hope you all are having better days (or evenings, depending on where you are) and that you and your loved ones are happy and healthy.

~virtual hugs (and a few gropings) to all!~

How to self-promote

How to self-promote

Support indie writers

New Promo Opportunity for Indie and SelfPub Authors

Blogging 101 Todays Assignment. NO!

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Today’s assignment: edit your title and tagline.

NO! Not going to do it. Why? I like my title and tagline. We discussed this once already way back in November.

I think what I initially chose suits me just fine. Sure, I could use the title of my book. But come on…I already have my book title, links, cover image and all its information on the static page and side bar.

‘I go Bump in the Night’ is quite suitable for me for many reasons. Its a classic play on the whole horror genre. The spooky, the creepy.

And I quite literally go bump in the night due to my awesome lack of grace.

Does this mean I get an ‘F’ for today’s assignment? 🙁

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