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Blogging 101…my introduction

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My name is Zoe Amber and I’m really a very intelligent cat with opposable thumbs.

Well, I had to kick this thing off with some sort of humor. Lets get down to the nitty gritty of it though, shall we?

I’m Zoe. I was born in July, 1970. I’m a bit of 5’3″, purple haired, zombie apocalypse wishing, coffee swilling goodness. Just a ray of frikkin sunshine!

I’m a writer of fiction, mostly horror genre, but with a healthy heaping of yet to be published erotica as well. Some of that is in the horror genre, too.

I’m from a little place called Enterprise, Alabama. Its not a big city, but its not a small town, either. What are we famous for? Peanuts. Peanuts and cotton. The most interesting aspect of this place? We have a statue of a lady holding a bug in the middle of town square. Seriously. Go look…http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Enterprise,_Alabama.

Its a bug. A boll weevil. A few times the statue has been vandalized. Who in their right mind wants a big bug? Seriously? Someone actually hacked off the arms of the lady once to steal it. They didn’t get far, I imagine because its heavy.

Moving right along. I am the mother of one spawn. A girl. She’s 25 and has my lovely wit and demented humor. She’s currently living here at home with me, which makes things entertaining. She has a good job in the law profession and is considering going back to school for her Associates, and maybe even further. She makes me very proud. Especially since I couldn’t get her little butt to stop skipping school in her senior year of high school. But she passed! She got a degree to boot! She’s a great person with a stunning personality.

I myself have had a few varied jobs. I was a cashier, a cake decorator until my wrists gave out, I worked at a florist, and I’ve been an accountant and auditor. All that while still writing and gaming. I no longer work, being on disability. Though writing is a full time job in my opinion.

I have…’issues’…that we will get into later in our relationship. DON’T RUN AWAY!!!!

Now, to current times. I just published my first book, and man, what a learning experience. So many mistakes were made. And I’m still learning. I’m not too savvy on the whole social media thing, or marketing and promotion. Though, with everything I am learning with this first published book, when the second of the series is ready, I’ll have a better grasp of things, and with hope, a fan base and followers.

I have found that writing book summaries, bios, marketing things, tweets, press releases and proposals are INFINITELY HARDER than writing a book. Book writing for me comes pretty easy. Over active imagination and I’m pretty wordy and descriptive. Writing shorter things is a little harder, but I’m working on that.

Well, there’s not much more for today. This is me. You’ll get to know more of me as time moves along. Then you’ll be questioning my sanity, or maybe even your own. ~_^

OH! On a side note…went to the doctors today about this ear infection…not actually a typical ear infection because…well…its me…nothing is ever typical with me. I am being sent to a specialist on Wednesday morning. An Ear, Nose and Throat doctor. FUN! …not.

A warning : Blogging 101

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I’m an over-achiever with low self-esteem issues. And WAY too much time on her hands.

I want to be better at everything. From writing my books, to blogging and interacting with people. So, when I saw this little opportunity, I signed up.

I may not bog you all down with the daily assignment posts. I may post them to my personal blog over on Blogspot. Or both. ~grins~

I love a challenge. And its educational for someone like me. A brand new author that no one has ever heard of with a book no one is buying. Blogging is a great platform from what I keep reading. I want to be a better blogger. I want to engage people, entertain people. Of course, it will all be in my own quirky style. If there isn’t a touch a weirdness, well, either I’m not feeling well, or aliens have abducted me and placed a pod person in my spot.

In a few hours I will make my first assigned post. The ‘introduction’. You’ll get to learn a few things I haven’t shared. Oh.Em.Geee. I have to be careful on the ‘over-sharing’ bit. ~snickers~

Until then, I’m still fighting a losing battle over my chair with fat cat and I need to go pop a few more extra strength Tylenol like their Pez candies. 😐

The importance of my journals


Pictured above:

  1. People I want to punch in the throat
  2. Writers Digest Writing Planner
  3. Daily Priorities
  4. The Bunny Suicides Daily planner/calendar
  5. Q&A: 5 year day by day questions
  6. One Line At a Time
  7. Just a plain old writing journal
  8. Not pictured…my novel notes journal

Yes, I’m a bit excessive about the whole journal/diary/note taking thing. Obsessive even. I write in each one every day. Lets take a break down of each.

1. People I want to punch in the throat. Its my passive aggressive journal for the people who I really would like to punch in the throat but refrain from doing so because I don’t think I would look good in County Jail Orange and I cant afford legal fees. Its therapeutic. It really is. I was thrilled when I actually found a book entitled ‘People I want to punch in the throat’. I mean, I use that saying all the time. Its one of my favorite threats.

2. Writers Digest Writing Planner. I use this to schedule my writing time, and keep notes on what I blog about to make sure I don’t repeat myself and have fresh material.

3. Daily Priorities. I use this to schedule my day. From waking (if I’ve slept) to bed (if I go there). Mundane tasks, errands, appointments. What needs to be done first, what can wait. And what I love about this planner is it has an accomplishment and achievement spot to make notes in. It lets me plot out future endeavors as well. What I hope to achieve and when…giving me a timeline and goal to strive for.

4. The Bunny Suicides Daily planner/calendar. This is my appointment calendar pretty much. I make notes here and there. Its not very big as far as when you can fill in on the daily happenings part. Okay, really, I got it because, come on…its the Bunny Suicides. Anyone who hasn’t ever picked up one of these books in the series and chuckled is just wrong. 😛

5. Q&A: 5 year day by day questions. This was a gift actually. But I love it. It spans each day for 5 years. Each day it asks a question for you to answer. I liked the idea that over the course of time I will be able to see the changes in myself reflected in my answers.

6. One Line At a Time. This little book is a lot like the Q&A book. It spans 5 years, only it asks no questions. It gives you just enough space day to day to write one line. A sentence, a quote, a thought, a song lyric snippet. Anything that happens to reflect on what you may be feeling at the time.

7. Just a plain old writing journal. I write down EVERYTHING. Its a total bitch book. I seem to chronicle everything. Thoughts, emotions, ideas, quotes, things that happened, appointments and outcomes. Everything.

8. My novel notes journal. It is everything involving my writing. What I blogged for the day, what sort of progress I’ve made on my books, what sort of progress I’ve made on editing and whatnot, and little notes and tips I’ve found useful from articles and blogs that I could put into practice.

Why do I feel keeping journals is so important as a writer? Well, in any one of these journals/calendars/notes I keep, I can go back at any time and recapture an emotion I felt. That in turn allows me to convey an emotion or thought process in a character I happen to be writing. My own day to day experiences can fuel a characters actions, and I will know how they feel, and can convey it properly.

I think its good practice for anyone to keep a journal, whether its on paper and handwritten, or on the computer. Capturing day to day thoughts and feelings can come in so useful in your writing. Have an argument with someone? What was the emotions you felt? What burned your britches? What was the outcome? Later on, you could incorporate some of that into a story. Useful stuff.

I’m also an avid office supply hoarder and list maker. Oh, yes, I have 5 books of random questions and lists. Four of them are called ‘The Secret Life of Me…” and then each has their own edition, whether its a list keepsake, a biased look on things…and two are questionnaire journals.

Post-its. I have a million. Office Depot is one of my favorite places. And then there is Best Buy. Do I really need 10 thumb drives? No. Are they cool? Yes. Do I really need 2 external hard drives? No. Are they cool? Yes.

We wont even talk about my Amazon Prime Membership. Really, its a lifesaver. I don’t have to leave the house. As much as I love Office Depot and Best Buy, I have to actually have to drive there and all…Amazon usually has better prices, too.

I’m rambling now. Its 3am and I’m in quite a bit of pain from this ear infection. I am making the soonest appointment possible with my doctor first thing in the morning when the offices open. Until then, me and fat cat are going to keep bickering on who gets to sit on the majority of this chair. She gets behind me, kicks me, and if I don’t scoot up to the edge of the seat, the lil snot bites my bum. She’s winning at the moment.  ಠ_ಠ

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