How do you define flash fiction?

Writerish Ramblings

There are many definitions for flash fiction. I looked it up and the first thing I found said:

a style of literature in which stories are extremely short and often consist of less than 300 words

Three hundred words! I see that as more micro fiction but I’m pretty wordy so I could be wrong. Several sites that publish flash fiction take submissions that are 500-1000 words. I am working on a course that says 500 words. I guess I think anything under 1000 works.

Using a fantasy prompt I wrote a piece last night that was intended to be flash fiction, in this case, under 500. In the end, before any editing, it was 1075. I also wrote a few questions for myself that I suspect, when answered, will up the word count considerably. Now I’m not sure what I should do with it. I could answer my questions…

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