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Write It Down – Writing vs. Blogging

Write It Down – Writing vs. Blogging

Pain Tolerance

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I have a pretty high pain tolerance. I don’t like bogging myself down with anything more than over the counter pain relief unless absolutely necessary. Mostly because that stuff is expansive, and mostly because I have to actually go to the doctor and get checked out. Neither of which I enjoy.

It seems I have myself an ear infection. My ear has been bothering me ever since Christmas, when I posted from the motel up yonder in Prattville.

I figured it was a minor inconvenience and it would go away. Avoidance.

NOPE. Today it has been SO bad. I mean, me wanting to actually go to the doctor bad. I cant lie down…it just throbs. It wasn’t bothering me too much when up and about.

But now its just a constant pain.

So at around 10pm, I slipped on my tennies and tossed my National Rifleman’s Association cap on and got myself into the truck. Oh, and by the way, this whole ear thing has thrown my balance off…I twisted my ankle coming out of the front door. Anyway…off to Walgreens I went to seek some sort of relief.

I couldn’t find much by way of an ear infection medication. Just a lot of stuff for clogged ears and swimmers ear. I found one product that boasted a bit of relief from ‘discomfort’. It was a whopping 10bux for an itty bitty bottle, but I grabbed it, some cotton balls and some extra strength pain reliever.

So I am sitting here, my ear still hurts, I have the drops put in and cotton shoved in my ear. I cant hear half of anything and now my ankle hurts too. Thankfully, I am such a graceful person that I’ve banged up my ankle loads of times and have a nifty little brace for it.

If it persists, I’ll break down and go see my doctor. Head pain can be the worse. And this pain radiates from my ear all the way around it and down into my jaw. Its horrible. And like I said, I have a pretty high pain tolerance.

I think I may soothe myself with some tea…Orange Passion sounds good. And maybe a little indulgent chocolate. I can never go into Walgreens and not walk out with some sort of pricey Godiva chocolate. >_<

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