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My life in is a series of ooops's


Unloading something from the back of the truck…smack my knee on the insanely large trailer hitch sticking off the back. Ow.

Cleaned up my office. I mean, really cleaned. Dusted, vacuumed, rearranged. I am now happy with my writing and creativity space. Though, when shoving things into the closet, I broke the closet door. oops. It took a bit of reorganizing the monstrosities I keep hidden in the closet, but I got that done too and fixed the door.

The next challenge for the day is taking down the idiotic Christmas tree. I wanted to do it yesterday, but was just sorta ‘meh’.

I think this will be the last year of the tree. My kid is grown, and thankfully she isn’t squirting out and grand-kids at me, I have no reason to put one up. Besides, it nearly kills me putting it up…then taking it down.

I would LOVE to move my drafting table out of my office and into the dining room with some book cases I have in the spare room….my mother would have a fit when she comes to visit next though. Yanno, cause apparently its only acceptable to have a dining room table and chairs in your dining room.

And then there is my older sister who mocks my choice in paintings for above my dining room table. She hates it and I don’t know why. Its a lovely painting. Its a forest scene…in fall…with a stream…and a deer, yanno, just hanging out and having deer thoughts. I like it. I’d like to shoot it. Its at least an 8 pointer.


So I have a weee bit more organizing to do in my office. Thankfully its not moving any more furnishings, because that would mean more squawks of me going ‘oops’. I have some paperwork to organize and file. I have some books I want to read.

And its high time I start on book two…the followup to The Road of Darkness. The book is done, minus the ending. I have two…I am torn which ending to use. Then its off to be edited. I’m thinking an April or May release time.

OH! I’ve signed up for Blogging 101, which starts Monday. I’m kind of excited. I want to do things proper, gain a good audience and following, and build my name as an author.

I’m trying to stay positive for this new year. Its tough for a pessimist like me…lol.

Well, off to clean and reorganize and tackle that tree.

Listen closely and you can probably hear a series of ‘oops’ coming on the winds from Alabama.

How to Launch Your New Book: Everything I Know

The Road of Darkness by Zoe Ambler http:

The Road of Darkness by Zoe Ambler http://zoeambler.com #horror #vampires #thriller http://ow.ly/GGjM6 http://ow.ly/i/87RmY

The Road of Darkness: Excerpt, Chapter 8

Book cover small

The war was riveting. Some nights, she would watch the firefights from a hidden perch within the trees or in the shadows. She watched the men hiding in trenches, moving in sporadic fashion to launch volley after volley of attacks. Hell, some were merely boys.
They ran with limited light, killing with guns, knives and bombs. Their bodies were getting snared, becoming tangled and mangled in barbed wire lines.
One evening, she came upon a small battlefield. Men were getting tangled in the razor-wire fences and posts. Some were still alive, their bodies ripped apart and torn asunder in their panic and struggles to free themselves. Their cries echoed through the night.
Addison fed on them. It was an easy meal. There was no thrill of the hunt, but when opportunity knocked, you answered the door, she figured.

#Horror #Thriller #Paranormal #Vampires

#Horror #Thriller #Paranormal #Vampires The Road of Darkness by Zoe Ambler http://ow.ly/GGjGq http://ow.ly/i/87RlV

Zoe Amblers 'The Road of Darkness' #ho

Zoe Amblers ‘The Road of Darkness’ #horror #vampires #paranormal http://zoeambler.com http://ow.ly/GGk4x http://ow.ly/i/87Rro

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