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2015. Yeah, its here. My lucky year?


So its officially 2015. The year I try to create my own luck.

Fat cat is refusing to stay off my desk so I can type this. I put her down, she jumps back up. I put her down, she growls and whines then jumps back up. I am so her bitch.

My plans for this year?

Hope and pray that The Road of Darkness sells and is enjoyed by people.

Publish the follow-up book ‘The Path of Redemption’ by the spring, maybe around April or May?

Publish at least two more books in an unrelated series that I have done. Those are mature audience books. Smut. ~grins~

Stop being so nice to people who don’t deserve it. That isn’t a negative statement. I have a bad habit of being nice to people who generally treat me like poo. I don’t need those people in my life. Its time to cut them out.

Lose some more weight and firm up some of the jigglies from the last 100lbs I’ve lost.

Mourn the loss of my bewbs.

Rejoice in my better, fit body.

Travel as much as I can when the opportunity presents itself.

Get my passport renewed.

Try my hand at entering writing competitions and contest. Whats the worse that can happen? I lose? I think it will be helpful in my attempts at writing short stories and flash fiction.

Try different writing styles.

Stop eating noodles so much. Okay, that’s not going to happen.

Open up and offer whatever help I can to aspiring authors. Be it advice on totally indie-publishing, writing tips, things to avoid, to cross promotion and interviews.

Write a list of my mistakes and share it so others can avoid the same mishaps in their journey of self publishing.

Promote myself more. How? I dunno.

Keep up this winning streak of not cussing and cursing on my blog. You people just don’t know that I actually have a vocabulary to make a drunken sailor blush. When I run out of the good curse words, hell, I just start making them up.

Get more organized. I am generally pretty organized as it is, but really, I could do with an overhaul.

Revamp my office. A good space for writing needs to make you feel comfortable. At the moment, my office isn’t offering me comfort. Time to get rid of some of my silly toys and clutter.

Remind my kid that she’s a beautiful person inside and out, and not to just ‘settle’. She is worth way more than she thinks.

Blogger and google+. I should interact there more. It just gives me the heebies sometimes.

Facebook. Continue hating it and wishing it would burn down.

Learn to do the tweeter twitter thingymabob more.

Keep interacting with people. WordPress has become my happy place.

Keep hoping for the Zombie Apocalypse.

Well, that’s all that comes to my foggy mind at the moment.

~takes a superhero stance~ Off to the coffee machine! ~flies~

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