I am in so much pain today. My head, my wrists and hands, my knees and my back.

I woke up after a little nap this morning and it was crushing. I felt fine just 3 hours before. I think maybe its the weather. Its like 75 degrees out and rainy. Warm and humid and damp.

I don’t have any prescription pain killers. I usually only ask the doctor for those once a year, and I don’t use them often. I took some extra strength over the counter stuff and it hasn’t touched the pain.

My only other thought was to take some Ambien and sleep through it. That was a bust. You see, I naturally run a little hotter than most people. My normal body temp is 100 or so instead of the usual 98.6. So, I have the air conditioner on. The kid is complaining she’s cold. So I’m in pain, and hot and sweat. Even with the Ambien, I only managed like 2 hours of a nap, and the sleep was broken because every time I moved it was painful.

This is painful, but I hate the idea of missing a day. Tenacious, I know. Stubborn to the core.

This will be the closing of this post however. I just cant elaborate any more. I cant sit here and type and type.

Have a good evening, ya’ll!

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  1. adamjasonp says:

    I’m the opposite on body temp—closer to 96.8 F.  Then again, that’s an old number—when I actually was lazy.

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