Not another Holiday post…


Yeah, so, I’m not much the Christmas sort. YAY FOR ZOMBIES!!!

Since I’ve had like an hour and a half of sleep in the last few days, I think I’m going a little loopy. Okay, well, always guilty of being loopy, but more so when lack of sleep is involved.

I was sitting here at 4am and pondered what I should be doing. Writing is what I should have been doing.

What did I end up doing? Watching zombie movies. Yup. Productive. ITS RESEARCH!!!!

So I’m forced to endure people today. Not thrilled with that. Nothing a few Klonopin cant help me through.

Maybe later in the day, or this evening I’ll have something with more substance to post. I really just wanted to say ‘Happy Holidays’, without making the standard Happy Holidays post. Because I never like doing what is the norm…and me being cheerful just doesn’t fly. I’m not religious either, so really, the only reason I do any of this holiday stuff is for the family. The overgrown kid of mine may be an adult, but she is romping around the house like a 12 year old.

Oh, I better check on those Orange Rolls. Don’t need the smoke detector telling me they are overdone….again.

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