Nervousness and Noodles


I am nearly a wreck.

I have been cruising around the different retailers, looking at my book, gathering links, joining FB groups and looking for more publicity, marketing and possible reviewers.

Monday is the BIG day. I’m nervous, scared, self conscious. All these questions running through my head. What if people hate the book? What if NO ONE READS the book? What if I get hate mail? What if…what if..what if…

Between my net cruising and info gathering, I’ve been distracting myself with getting my house ready for the holidays. Granted, my kid is an adult with no kid (thank ya lawdy!), so there’s no toys to buy, no gifts to wrap. The kid is all about the money. HOWEVER…she has to earn that gift money, as I come up with new and more irritating ways to make it harder for her to open whatever I’ve put the money in. ~snickers~

I’ve dusted the house. I’ve done the small amount of dishes there were. There’s no laundry to be done.

I’ve made the fat cat mad at me. All the time she wants up here in my face. She doesn’t realize she isn’t an itty bitty kitty anymore. She steps on the keyboard, she puts her fat butt on it. Oh, and don’t let me try to have a Skype conversation with someone…they see a fluffy paw patting my head, poking my cheeks, poking my ear, or a flat out bite to the mouth by the fat cat demanding attention. Yes, she truly believes she is the center of my universe. Well, most of the time she is.

I haven’t gone to the coffee shop to work on things in the last two days. I warned them so they wouldn’t put out an APB or file a missing persons report.

I miss my coffee shop. I like working from there. But I realize I do need to be home sometimes. That, and my PC rocks socks. So much better than my laptop.

Nervous rambling!!! I couldn’t think of a decent on point topic to talk about. My brain is here and there and everywhere…as are my emotions! CRIPES!

You want to know what I did to help feel a little better?

I MADE NOODLES!!!! I love me some hot and sour ramen noodles. Or Kimchee flavored. Good stuff.

I tried playing my games to distract myself. Nope, didn’t work.

So here I sit, pondering another bowl of noodles. If I made one, there’s no way I could eat it. I do that a lot. Eyes are bigger than my stomach.

Nervous ramble, nervous ramble…

There are some things I’m putting off, simply because they make the nervousness worse…like completing my Goodreads author profile…lol. Super easy…dun wanna do it…~head desks~

I’m a nervous noodle.

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  • Leona

    Hey, don’t worry so much about the book, it will be allright! I can read and review it if you want, I have a very busy schedule but I can fit it in somewhere if it’s really urgent. The least I can do. I have a ginormous furball of a cat, but he keeps his fluffy paws off my keyboard, my roommate’s kitty keeps him busy anyway.

    • Zoe Ambler

      I would love it if you gave my book a read and review. I could even send you a PDF version for free if you’d like! Get back to me and we’ll make arrangements! 🙂

  • Corina

    Have you joined goodreads? If not, do so. There are writer groups on there where you can promote your book and I think you might get some ideas on how to do more publicity for your book or how to make what you do more effective.

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