Gettin' real tired….


Yeah, getting real tired of having to be a grown up.

All I wanted to do was run to town and pretty much go window shopping. Alone. By myself. Sans company.

So that seemed okay…until.

Until I start getting ‘lists’ of things I should stop and pick up.

I didn’t want to deal with lines and crowds and checkouts. I just wanted to browse, and be alone to ‘ooh’ and ‘aah’ at things I had no intention of purchasing.

Why can people not leave me alone enough to just go looking at stuff?

Then I got called selfish.

~head desks~

I totally give up on today. And its just barely 1pm. I am finally feeling better, pain-wise, and just wanted to get out of the house a little.

But no.

SO…being the stubborn mule that I am, I am camping out in my office today with the fat cat and locking the door. Piss on everyone.

I’ve been trying to write, but have been wholly uninspired. I have people on my games requesting RPs, and I just cant think of good starters or reasons for my character to be interacting with theirs. Its frustrating.

I just thought getting out of the house, ALONE, would refresh my mind, listening to some tunes as I drive, people watching, etc., might kick start something in my head.

But apparently I’m not allowed to step foot out of my own house without having to cater to everyone else’s needs.


My zombie apocalypse isn’t coming soon enough.

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  • marcies04

    Oh I know what you mean. I went to my daughter’s today to leave the baby so I could go to the library for a little while, browse some good books and then come back here and do some work and writing, but oh no – I end up bringing the baby – he’s three back with me along with seven year old cousin Tristin. Mommy isn’t feeling well. The two boys bickered for over an hour earlier and I took them with me to the library and got them some books and movies.
    When I finished I took them back to daughter’s and she was mad because she needed a break! “I don’t feel like watching movies!” she hissed.
    Like I do. No ma’am – I had both of them pretty much the entire morning and it’s her turn.
    So now she’s calling – the baby wants to come home and when I go get him, the other one will want to come back to. So I unhooked the phone.
    She can’t come over here! Her battery on the car is down!!! The phone is unhooked – peace at last. I’m feeling grouchy too! I haven’t been feeling good the last couple of days and it’s catching up with me.
    I’m glad to see someone is feeling grouchy too – I wanted to go to the library this morning all alone and just browse but that didn’t happen. Since my writing and my work and my library visit wasn’t as good as it should have been, guess I’ll sit here, lick my wounds and wallow in self pity until I can think of something really good to write about!
    Thanks for listening…

    • Zoe Ambler

      I feel ya sista! However, I’m dealing with nothing but adults, but I swear, they act like they are 5 when it comes to me wanting to slink off on my own for just a little bit.
      My answer to it all is to ignore them, shut and lock my office, and pray for the zombie apocalypse. ~nods~

  • momfawn

    When my best friend was being beset by family members trying to impose themselves upon her, I had her memorize this thought: “No” is a complete sentence. No explanations needed, no excuses made. And if “No” by itself seems too harsh, try “No, that doesn’t work for me today.” Then go by yourself! – Fawn

    • Zoe Ambler

      I did just that. At 3am. I packed myself into my truck, said nothing to anyone and skipped on out of here to Wal-Mart. Its a delightful time to go to that particular store as well. Peace. Leisurely browsing. Only a few floor waxers tried to run me over. 😀

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