Dec 16, 2014 ver 2.0: Disappointment


Disappointment stings like an open wound. Like, those horrid little cuts you don’t realize you have until you squeeze a lemon or pick up a jalapeno. A burning sting.

And I’m the sort of person who doesn’t take disappointment well. I set my hopes too high and put too much faith in people, friends. I am usually always disappointed. Let down.

It festers in me, making it worse. It irritates me, because the current situation, in the role reversal, I was a ‘rah-rah-rah’ cheer-leading ‘go get e’m tiger’ support buddy. I contributed to your wealth and invested in your product.

And you nitpick mine? Instead of words of encouragement and motivation, I receive a more negative tone, making me feel very small, less, insignificant and utterly wrong. My approach is wrong? I should do as others you know did? Why? Did I tell you how to do things? Did I pick apart things and show you the flaws?

I guess I’m on my own. I’m very used to it, trust me. I will continue on in my endeavors without anyone’s help or support. If I fail, it will be my failure. More disappointment.

I let one single person get to me. But really, it wasnt just one single person. It was several who I had faith in. It just took one person to voice something.

This thing called ‘friendship’ has such a flawed design.

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  1. Corina says:

    I’m so sorry you have come across one of those people that is inconsiderate and not very knowledgeable about how to give constructive criticism rather than destructive rants. Not everyone is like that. There are some online writing groups you might seek out. I’m not in one but I’ve thought about finding one to join. I think it’s important to find someone that knows about your genre. If they don’t, their critique won’t be as valuable or as specific as you might need. Don’t give up. There are good groups out there and good writing partners.

  2. Corina said it very well about constructive criticism. I think there are good ways to give someone feedback without bashing them with negativity. We all can improve, there are flaws in everything. But feedback needs to be given kindly. An author gives a lot of time and sweat and passion into the stories they write. This should be respected in criticism. Sure, all readers won’t agree on liking a story. Or even which parts of a story they like and dislike. I hope the person giving you feedback at least had some positive things to say, too.

    • Zoe Ambler says:

      The sad thing is, they haven’t even read the story to consider whether its something good or bad.
      They criticized the fact that I am putting myself ‘out there’. Also, that I’m ‘doing it the wrong way’.
      Hurtful from someone who did something similar and you backed them completely.
      Thank you for enduring my meltdown…lol…and thank you for the feedback! ๐Ÿ˜€

      • Are they criticizing you for putting yourself “out there” on your blog or by publishing a book? Because both of those things are done by a ton of people. People who care about what they’re doing, and put a lot of thought and compassion into it.

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