Dec 13, 2014: The dreaded Donate button…


So I’ve had to break down and add the dreaded ‘Donate’ button to my site. I tried to resist, but the costs of self publishing, and getting quality work done, as well as a few financial blunders, has left me no choice but seek a little help.

I am on a fixed income. I am on disability. My dreams of publishing are finally in sight, The Road of Darkness is now submitted and just waits for upload to the various retailers and the likes.

But I am tapped out. And I still have roughly 14 more books to publish. The most important being The Path of Redemption, which is the follow up to The Road of Darkness.

If you can spare a bit of change, it would be most appreciated. What do you get for a donation? My undying gratitude? I have no clue, really. I guess a ‘perk’ is something to be considered or discussed.

On a side note, I’d like to thank all who follow me, and offer comments and insights into your own lives. I love meeting new people. That’s what blogging is all about, right? And sharing, or in my case, over-sharing…lol.

As soon as The Road of Darkness is available, I will post the various links, it will be available in both ebook and print forms.

The anticipation is killing me! Or maybe that’s a hunger pain…o.O

Oh, and lets not forget fat cat. She needs her gushy foods and treats. Not to mention her deplorable catnip addiction. Think of the kitteh!!!

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