An Award Nom and my reservations on such things


First of all, thank you to Veena at

I’ve been nominated for a Liebster or Lobster award thing before…I dismissed it.

I have my reasons, and I will share.

The rules for these nominations are as follows:


Thank the person who nominated you by linking his/her blog and display the award logo.

Nominate at least 15 other blogs (more or less). Link their blogs and inform them about the nomination.

Mention three things that inspired you the most this week (you can talk about last week’s inspiration too).

My reservations with this is nominating other blogs. While there are LOADS I LOVE, sometimes these nominations can be seen as ‘spam’ in a way. I mean, I appreciate it and all, but its sort of like a chain letter. I will be breaking the norm and not sending off nominations.

The reason you may ask…well, I know the blogging world is a very different one. As one of my FAVORITE bloggers recently said “”WordPress as a giant newspaper””


okay, okay, back on topic. Blogging isn’t a competition. Awards to me equate to competition. Why? I guess because of my experience as a Role-play writer. You see, we, on many of the gaming forums, have an ‘RP of the Month’ competition. It dwindles down to a ‘who’s the cool kids table’ in the end. You win based not on your writing, but how many hits you get and how many friends vote for you.

It makes me very leery about being nominated for things.

The downside of this way of thinking, is that being nominated for something in the blogging world is probably a big deal…I mean, it could increase traffic to my page, and in turn, boost my book sales and promotion. Am I hurting myself here? Probably so.

I am my own worst enemy after all.

I do appreciate being nominated for things whole-kindheartedly however. It means the world to me that people are reading my content, taking notice and enjoying the drivel that I post.

But I am a rebel! I tend to break the norm, even if it will hurt me in the end.

Thank you, for all who read and follow me. I do appreciate each and every follower, reader and commenter.

I want to be a success. As an author and, in a sense, an entertainer, as blogging is about keeping your readers engaged and entertained.

Still, the process of actually winning one of these Blog Awards is a bit too much for me. Nominating 15 or so other people is a tough choice.

I don’t like playing favorites.

Except with Jason. ~gets all Annie Wilkes~

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  1. Britta says:

    I have never been nominated for an award; if I am in the future, I think I will probably dismiss it. It’s something that I’m very conflicted about (which is really quite funny, considering I haven’t been nominated for one, so why am I spending so much time worrying about this). Part of me thinks, “oh shiny, award!” but the other part completely agrees that these awards are more chain mail than anything else. I just don’t think I’d feel right accepting one.

    • Zoe Ambler says:

      Yup…I’m conflicted. It feels really nice to be recognized, but at the same time I dont want to send out a whole bunch of nominations to people who, like me, are conflicted, or dont care about such things. I never want to be a BOTHER to anyone. :/

  2. Corina says:

    I’ve been nominated for awards too and I feel pretty much like you do about the whole thing. I don’t like going through all of their little hoops. Nor do I like hurting the feelings of the one that nominated me. I’m in the middle of deciding whether I will do one or not. I was just nominated again yesterday so right now I’m leaning toward doing a very modified (by me) edition of the award. We’ll see. I’m not even going to worry about it til after Christmas.

  3. blondeusk says:

    Well done on your award! Merry xmas Zoe Ambler 🙂

  4. Yes, it is a dilemma. I have been honored by awards,and I greatly appreciate them and the thoughts behind them by wonderful people. However, the thought is enough for me. I would re-nominate all the people whose blogs I read. Therefore, I decline with great gratitude.

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