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Gettin' real tired….


Yeah, getting real tired of having to be a grown up.

All I wanted to do was run to town and pretty much go window shopping. Alone. By myself. Sans company.

So that seemed okay…until.

Until I start getting ‘lists’ of things I should stop and pick up.

I didn’t want to deal with lines and crowds and checkouts. I just wanted to browse, and be alone to ‘ooh’ and ‘aah’ at things I had no intention of purchasing.

Why can people not leave me alone enough to just go looking at stuff?

Then I got called selfish.

~head desks~

I totally give up on today. And its just barely 1pm. I am finally feeling better, pain-wise, and just wanted to get out of the house a little.

But no.

SO…being the stubborn mule that I am, I am camping out in my office today with the fat cat and locking the door. Piss on everyone.

I’ve been trying to write, but have been wholly uninspired. I have people on my games requesting RPs, and I just cant think of good starters or reasons for my character to be interacting with theirs. Its frustrating.

I just thought getting out of the house, ALONE, would refresh my mind, listening to some tunes as I drive, people watching, etc., might kick start something in my head.

But apparently I’m not allowed to step foot out of my own house without having to cater to everyone else’s needs.


My zombie apocalypse isn’t coming soon enough.

10 Ways to Come Up With a Blog Post



I am in so much pain today. My head, my wrists and hands, my knees and my back.

I woke up after a little nap this morning and it was crushing. I felt fine just 3 hours before. I think maybe its the weather. Its like 75 degrees out and rainy. Warm and humid and damp.

I don’t have any prescription pain killers. I usually only ask the doctor for those once a year, and I don’t use them often. I took some extra strength over the counter stuff and it hasn’t touched the pain.

My only other thought was to take some Ambien and sleep through it. That was a bust. You see, I naturally run a little hotter than most people. My normal body temp is 100 or so instead of the usual 98.6. So, I have the air conditioner on. The kid is complaining she’s cold. So I’m in pain, and hot and sweat. Even with the Ambien, I only managed like 2 hours of a nap, and the sleep was broken because every time I moved it was painful.

This is painful, but I hate the idea of missing a day. Tenacious, I know. Stubborn to the core.

This will be the closing of this post however. I just cant elaborate any more. I cant sit here and type and type.

Have a good evening, ya’ll!

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