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Power-playing…and not the fun kind…


So I’ve taken a little ‘me’ time and spent it on my text based gaming. Last night, or rather, the weee hours of this morning, were spent trying not to gouge my own eyes out with a melon-baller.

The thing about role play gaming, is that most of the text based do indeed have a structure. So, my character has been there for a bit, and is at a certain ‘rank’. I’ve worked her hard to achieve that rank. I do not write her to be more powerful than someone who ‘out-ranks’ her.

I’m enjoying myself, writing away, when I come upon some ‘fresh meat’. I mean, they are so new, that the game itself wont let you attack them. That’s less than 24 hours new. HOWEVER…she decided to not read the general RP etiquette rules and practices and tried to take me on in RP. Its called ‘godmodding’, or ‘power-playing’. Thinking her ‘level one’ character can actually take on my ‘level thirteen’ character in any sort of way.

So. Wrong.

After the incident, and I sent her a little ‘out of character’ heads up on how not to end up dead, and how to get people to interact with her character, I began looking over the forum for something more comprehensive than just the standard ‘Faq’ page.

I found nothing. That is irritating. Oh, they have two whole pages devoted to coding to make your character profile page all pretty though. ~head desks~

I have a whole manual written that I had put together some years back for a different game.

Here’s the kicker though…As much as I like this game I’ve been playing, I wont offer up my help to them.

Why? Well, if you treat me like crap, don’t expect me to be all peaches and cream. I’ve had the owners and moderators come down hard on me for speaking up on behalf of other people who just wont speak up for themselves.

I also caught them cheating at their own game. That’s a story for another time.

I will give you an idea of their bias and improper practices however: I had posted/ranted on my gaming FB page how it was weird that the same people always won the ‘Role-play of the Month’. I said they were padding the votes. It got filtered out of my page and into the ears and eyes of the owners and mods of the game…who by the way…had no access to that particular FB page. ANYWHO…I was pretty much called out on it, on their FB page, even though I never mentioned the particular game I was ranting about by name, and its widely known I play several. Sounds to me like guilty conscious, non?

Anyway…they called me out on it…said if people wanted to win RP of the Month, get better friends to vote for them, and/or learn to write better.

!!!!!!!! WHA?!?!?!?!

These people are trying to get help with marketing their game by the way. Offering free goodies to those who help advertise and market. To get more member. To get more players. To get more writers and role-players.


They kinda picked the wrong girl to diss, didn’t they? I mean, I’ve got a pretty darn good following here, on my Blogger and on my Twitter…and a lot on the Blogger and Twitter are gamers.

They really shouldn’t have tried dance with me.

I called them out on their blunders, then went one step further and tested the ‘its who the cool kids are’ theory and was proven 100% correct.

Too bad for them.

I’m not the sort to follow the crowd, and I do speak my mind, call people out and point out flaws in thinking when other people are being pissed on over it. I was told ‘no one voted you the voice of the little guy’. Well, geez. My response to that was no one needs to be voted for such a thing…its just the right thing, and nice thing, to do…especially when ‘the little guy’ feels so intimidated by the ‘cool kids’.

Yeah, so, my mouth gets me in trouble. I’m not allowed to be nominated for things anymore…people don’t read my stuff much, but meh, there are a few of those ‘little guys’ who write with me.

I’d really love to teach the people on that game…the new ones…how to properly write and role-play. The differences between conversational and narrative. First person and third. PLAYING TO YOUR RANK!!!! ~GAH~

Its hard when the very creators, owners and moderators that they chose are so biased and junk though.

And, man, they missed out on a decent marketing and advertising campaign with me…HAR!

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