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Messages from a motel room

motelscuttingedgeSo I’m writing from a motel room in Prattville, AL, It looks pretty much like the one pictured above. Most motels are pretty much the same, right down to their crappy ‘only makes one cup of coffee at a time’ coffee machines. That bothers me. I bring my own special coffee cup. It holds about 3 large cups. One of these little cups just doesnt cut it and lasts me all over a minutes before I’m up making another cup. And then there is the stingy motel clerk who doesnt want to fork over extra coffee packets. Grrrr….

The kid is still in bed snoozing. I am so tempted to just go jump all over her bed. Fun!

We had family dinner up here yesterday. It was okay. Too many people for me. And there were little kids. I’m allergic to little kids.

Today we’ll drive home, its only a two hour drive, if even that long. I just didnt want to drive home in the dark last night. Deer…I am paranoid about the little bastards…I already have one spot on my truck bumper from the kid hitting one.

So, to prank the kid for Christmas, I boxed up three things. The first two packages I had her open had nothing in them but a slip of paper. The first read ‘Did you really think I’d make it that easy?’, the second read ‘Really?’ and then finally the third had her money in it. Of course, getting each box open was a challenge. I used LOTS of tape. Over EVERY surface of the box. Then I had HER wrap them. She thought they were for someone else, so SHE taped them over EVERY surface of the box.


It was a nice day, all in all. Some good food and conversation. And once we got to the hotel, me and the kid had a few giggles. I went to bed and she stayed up writing in her journal and watching TV.

Its 6:30am now. Check out is 11 but I’m hoping to be home by then. I MISS MY FAT CAT!!!!

The little bugger is probably tearing up my office. Knocking things over. When she saw me packing my overnight back, she went into tantrum mode. Snotty little hair ball.

I miss my fat cat though.

I cant wait to get home.

I still would like to go down to Pensacola Beach next week. The kid has to work, so she would be home with the fat cat and that would keep my mind at ease. I dont know if I’m going to actually go or not yet though.

Well, I hope everyone had a happy day yesterday. I’ve seenĀ  a lot of happy children gathered around Christmas trees with all their presents. Happy times!

If you are traveling this holiday, please be safe!!!

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