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Decisions, Decisions


I am horrible at making decisions. My brain just doesn’t seem to cope well. It runs here and there and everywhere. In the end, after I make a decision, I find myself questioning it, then making all these scenarios in my head of ‘what ifs’.

Its frustrating. My over active brain gives me no peace.

Today, in seeking some inner peace from my squirrel like brain, I’ve come to my home away from home…Dakotas Coffee Works. My coffee shop. My haven.

The smell of coffee, the lovely drinks the girls serve me. The people coming in and out. The regulars stopping by my table to say ‘Howdy!’, and the people seeing my promo cards on the counter and coming over to ask me about the book.

Its nice.

I wont be here long, as their holiday hours have them closing early the tonight and tomorrow, but I’ll enjoy it while I can.

My laptop also isn’t cooperating tonight either. It doesn’t want to hold a change. I would like to get a new one, but I love this one so much, and it isn’t all that old. DECISIONS!

I have some photos to post tomorrow, of the fat cat. I’ve got her little holiday dress on her. She is SO please. ~note sarcasm~ She really doesn’t mind after a few minutes of getting used to the clothing. And it isn’t something overly done and uncomfortable for her. Just a simple Christmas dress to help keep her warm since she’s been shaved down. She cold, and lately when she isn’t all over me, I find her sleeping on the cable DVR box since it radiates heat.

I am planning a short, one day trip to Montgomery, AL to see some family, and then next week I am going to drive on down to Pensacola Beach again. I’m hoping I can get the same room as last time. There was no guarantee.

I still haven’t figured out just how I’m going to prank my kid for Christmas. She wants money, and as always, I make sure that she had some packaging and frustration to get at that money. 😀

To those taking a break for the holidays from all thing interwebz, I wish you a Happy and SAFE Holiday!

Book Release Day! How I celebrated…

Well, today was the official release of The Road of Darkness.

How did I celebrate?



Yes, I’ve missed the last season, and half of season 9, so I took some time to catch up. I LOVE SUPERNATURAL.

Its a great show. Its got everything. Horror, comedy, hot guys…

I do have a few things…issues…with it. I dont like how vampires and werewolves are protrayed. The look of them, that is.

I love the shows creativity. Breaking the 4th wall. Its just a good show that keeps you coming back for more (if your into the genre)

I’ve also gotten some sleep…something I havent done in quite a few days…like…almost a week. Granted, I had to take Ambien to accomplish the feat, but I at least got a few hours of shut eye.

I do feel like warmed over crap though. I’m a hot mess at the moment.

I want to say thank you for my all readers and supporters of the book. In coming weeks, I’m going to try implementing things to help others. Cross-promoting, spotlighting, etc.. Its tough being an Indie, we need all the help we can get. Especially when we’re newbs to it all, like myself.

I will give some warning for the next few day, as my posts may be less than lackluster. The closer the 25th comes, the grouchier I seem to be getting. Okay, maybe not grouchy…apathetic? Yes, apathetic is probably the better word.

So I have two episodes of Supernatural to go, then I think I may start on getting caught up on Arrow, or maybe watch Penny Dreadful…my friends all seem to think I’ll like that show. We shall see…

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