Daily Archives: December 20, 2014

So not feeling it…


Totally not feeling good things today.

Not feeling Christmas.

Not feeling excitement over the book release.

Blahs. I have the blahs.

I even made some noodles to maybe perk myself up.


Not feeling it.

I am thinking that perhaps for Christmas I’ll go down to Pensacola Beach again. I’d love to get the same room I had last time. I think I’ll give them a call and see if it can be arranged.


I’ve never been the ‘oh happy happy its the holidays’ sort. This year is worse. Maybe its the stress and reservations and self doubt rolling around about the book release. I mean, I am human after all, its normal to feel this way, I suppose.

So, after finishing my noodles, I do believe I’ll call the hotel, then I think I might grab fat cat, who by the way has been especially clingy today, and perhaps take a nap. Or at least wallow around in bed.

Wallowing. It sounds like a good plan!

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