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Soldiers' Christmas

Dec 16, 2014: Primping Day

IMG_20141125_182704 IMG_20141216_134716

Before and After. The poor fat cat. The price of beauty and the end of hairballs.

Its beautification day here in my household. The lovely fat cat went from fluffy fat ‘shed my hair everywhere and watch you eat it’, to sleek and smooth…ish. She’s a little flabby…lol. Of course I leave her head fluffy and a poof on her tail. She looks like a lion. rawr.

As for me, its purple time! Time for a touch up on the hair as my lovely purple hues seem to fade so quick.


Much better. All praise the power of the purple.

The house underwent beautifying, too. Dishes, laundry…cleaned the bathroom. Blech. And have pretty much not messed with my online gaming much at all. I’m quite proud of myself. I’ve sat down for breaks here and there and read/commented here on WordPress. I’ve looked around for ideas to spiffify my own pages. This book isn’t going to promote itself!!

I am working on some written material for my blog and others for the book. Some good summaries, why I wrote it, what kept me motivated, etc..

Good things in days to come!!

For now, its time to kick back, enjoy some music and coffee, and take the rest of the day off. Sort of.

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