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Dec 12, 2014 : I REFUSE!

Guess what monstrosities the doctor gave me today for my severe carpal tunnel?

These things.


Now, guess what purple haired girl wore them for 10 minutes and said NOPE!

That’s right…this girl…


So, since the monstrosities the doc gave me are so cumbersome and make me feel like I’m in a permanent ‘high five’ position, I’ve gone on the search for a set that are less bulky, but just as supportive. I found some, they aren’t cheap, and of course insurance wont cover them. But, that’s the price you pay.

I simply cant do anything with those bulky black ones. They’d be fine when I’m sitting still (when that ever happens) or watching a movie or maybe even sleeping. But I need something I can still sit here and type in. And work my mouse (no, I don’t use a touch-pad. Never could master the silly thing.)

Its a bright beautiful day here, though a little on the chilly side. Still not as cold as normal for this time of year. That’s usually a bad omen. Last time this happened, it snowed in like…April. Granted, snow for us is a 2 inch dusting, but, we totally spazz. CLOSE THE STATE!!! AAAHHH!!! We’re more prepared for a zombie apocalypse down here than we are a bit of snow…lmao. Okay, at least I am.

I can hardly wait for the zombie apocalypse. 😀

I’ve started a little holiday shopping today. Granted, I dont really have anyone to buy much for. The kid wants money. Easy. One year, I gave her $200.00, however the catch was it was all in $1 bills, stuffed in 200 individual sealed envelopes, then stuffed into her stocking.

She didnt find it nearly as humorous as I did.

So after I postie this up, I’m going to be a good girl and give my hands and wrists a rest and put the stupid braces on. Maybe I’ll cuddle fat cat and take a nap.  🙂

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