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Dec 10, 2014: Making things appealing


So I am trying to make my site more appealing, more user friendly, and more informative. I am working on compiling some link so sites and blogs I find interesting and wish to share with others.

My last web design was too cluttered and not very ‘mature’, but come on, I’m not very mature either. I like the apocalyptic feel it had, but, I have to shove my child-ish ways aside and be all professional and whatnot if I want to be taken seriously, or semi-seriously, as an author and to gain a fan-base. Oh, I will break the ‘rules’ here and there, because no one will stop me from being crazy and slightly politacally incorrect me.

My book is slated to be released this month. YAY. I dont have the release date as of yet, other than the potential Dec. 22. It will be available in ebook and print at all the big outlets: Amazon, Kobo, Nook, etc., and many, many others globally. And of course you will be able to buy the print version anywhere.

Publicity is a bitch though. I’m not good at this whole market and promote thing. I’m willing to do signings and whatnot. There’s just so much literature out there on how to do it, reading it all will leave me no time to actually put those practices into use…lol.

I’m at my coffee shop right now. Lawdy I missed it. The people, those familiar friendly faces and the lovely aroma of fresh ground coffee. I am most productive here.

My fat cat was very displeased to see me packing up the laptop and actually putting for real clothing on. Before I left the house, she gave me the stink eye and trudged off to pout.

So, more work to do to make the site appealing and pretty.

Hopefully this blog wont make my butt look big.

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