Daily Archives: December 9, 2014

Dec 9 2014 : Monday on Tuesday


Well, I managed to get very VERY little accomplished today. It is now 5:30pm and I am still in my pajamas. At this point, why bother?

I did over-haul the website, new design and whatnot. I like the look of it. I’m not done just yet, still have some tweaks to make and stuff. I just lack the motivation at the time.

I guess my mini-vacation has thrown my internal systems off. It has felt like Monday all day to me. Well, when I managed to climb out of bed here and there. I had REALLY missed my own bed. And fat cat has been all over me, so its been nice to just cuddle with her.

No writing, no gaming, not much of anything of merit was done today. As a matter of fact, since the temperatures have dropped again, I’m thinking of going and snuggling into my posh purple puffy blanket again and dragging the fat cat with me.

I have a clear outline as to what I want to do tomorrow. HOPEFULLY…I will be able to stick to it and get back on my regular schedule with my routine. I feel out of whack.

Did I mention the temperatures dropped again. NO LIKE! I live in the south for a reason. I do not like the cold. Ick.

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