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Dec 7/14: Flash Fiction

3ff46e611f688c01d025e86d339dc88bMy hand at a 1st person narrative flash fiction. Some feedback would be appreciated. Thanks!


by Zoe Ambler

His arms around me are incredible. His grip is firm, but I don’t mind. It’s kind of sexy, like a bit of possessiveness. What girl doesn’t want to feel that to a certain extent? For someone to want her, protect her, not wish for another male to impede on his territory.
My mind is reeling. The flutter of butterflies tingles through my stomach. The kiss is passionate, endearing. He smells nice. Like autumn and sandalwood. I seem to melt against him, my arms slip around him, sliding over his back, taking in his physique by way of touch.
Our tongues move in a fluid motion, a beautiful dance. His lips are cool against my own. I can feel my heart beat faster, excitement rolling within me like an oncoming thunderstorm.
His hands roam my hips, my sides, pulling me closer and closer. From his throat I can hear, and sort of feel, a rumbling purr-like sound. It is so sexy, primal and so seductive. I am nearly breathless with anticipation.
From the moment our eyes had met I knew I wanted to meet him. It was like a natural mutual magnetism. He smiled from across the room, and then swiftly moved to me, striking up a conversation without hesitation.
He’s so bold and confident. It strikes a chord within me. He encompasses so many desirable traits.
We had shared a few drinks. Eventually we decided to go outside for some fresh air and maybe a smoke. Neither of us ever lit a cigarette. He had taken my hand, pulling me into the privacy at the side of the building. He told me I was beautiful. I’m a little clumsy when it comes to compliments. I think I just grinned like an idiot and murmured a soft ‘thank you’.
We haven’t even exchanged names. I don’t really care at this moment. I just want to savor this.
I feel warm, heated. I moan softly into his mouth.
Oh, his hands slide up my torso into my hair. It feels lovely. His big hands are so gentle sliding smoothly through my long curls.
He breaks our kiss, pulling away. I don’t want him to.
He pulls back just a little, looking down at me. His steel grey eyes look over my face like he’s memorizing every detail. I can feel the heat of a blush on my cheeks, and I am a little short of breath. He smiles. My god, he’s handsome. I smile back, feeling a little girlish, like a kid with puppy-love. I bite the corner of my lower lip but then stop myself.
He smiles even more radiantly before moving in, his lips pressing to mine once again. He resumes our kiss. Long and passionate, and then we come up for air, just pressing soft meaningful kisses to each other.
He isn’t doing anything inappropriate. Most times when you hear of things like this happening, the guy turns into an octopus. But this guy, he seems like a gentleman. His hands stay to my sides, my back, my arms and hair. In a way, I wouldn’t mind if he did slide his hands over my front. My excitement is pretty evident. I can feel it.
He breaks our kiss again. He kisses my cheek, then my forehead. He starts giving me little kisses across my face, moving lower along my jaw line. It feels really nice.
He moves a little lower, to my neck. He nuzzles me a bit like a big cat. It tickles a little. He kisses and nips a little, toying with my earlobe. It is turning me on so much. I moan again.
I move my hands around to his back again, pulling him to me as I lean my head to the side, giving him free access to lavish my neck with that sweet attention. I sigh out softly, blissfully.
He’s kissing and nipping my neck again. His lips part and he starts sucking at the sensitive flesh. It will leave a mark, but I don’t care.
I move one of my hands to his head, slipping my fingers through his dark hair. It’s so soft.
His grip on me starts to tighten. He’s not getting forceful though.
I want to kiss him again. He’s paying too much attention to my neck. I’m trying to give little physical hints, but he’s either ignoring them, or doesn’t get it.
He presses forward, making me take a step back. I hadn’t realized we were so close to the wall of the building. It’s cold against my back. I can feel it through my top.
His hold on me is getting tighter. I don’t know if I should stop him or not. He’s getting a little more aggressive, but he still isn’t being inappropriate with his touches.
He’s really fixated on my neck.
He’s sucking on my skin a lot, it’s starting to get annoying in that one spot. I bring my hands up, moving them to the front of his shoulders, giving a little push so he’ll back up a little.
He won’t budge. I’m starting to get a bit of a bad vibe.
He’s going to leave one hell of a mark on my neck. Crap, I’ll have to cover it with make-up or something for the next few days.
Ow! Okay, I think I want him to stop now. The skin is getting tender. It’s starting to hurt. I’m pushing at him, but he’s not backing off.
I feel a sting where he’s been sucking and nipping. He’s pressing his teeth against me. Something doesn’t seem right. His teeth don’t seem right.
God, I’m getting dizzy.
There’s pressure at my neck, then I feel a weird ‘pop’. Well, I sort of hear it, too. Sort of like when you get your ears pierced.
He’s sucking at my neck harder now. Why can’t I move? I open my mouth to tell him to stop, but cant. It’s like I’m paralyzed. Oh god, I’m so scared. I want to scream for help now. This is becoming too creepy.
Of course, this is just my luck.
I’m feeling woozy and lightheaded. I loosen my grip on him. He seems to be holding on to me pretty well though. He has me braced between him and the wall of the building.
Why can’t I think straight? Are those drinks catching up with me? Oh god, did he drug me?
I feel so tired, so weak. He’s sucking on my neck still. Sometimes I can feel him licking at it. He moaned.
My knees go weak, they feel like jelly. He holds me up. I open my eyes and look around. Everything is so bleary. My eyelids are heavy.
My legs go out. My arms feel like lead. What’s happening to me? I’m so scared. Everything is getting so hazy.
He is still being gentle though, as he lowers us to the ground. He’s still sucking at my neck.
My arms, I can’t move them anymore. I feel so cold.
Finally he eases off of my neck. His face comes into view. Everything is blurry. His lips are really red though. He is smiling. He tells me I’m beautiful and one of the most delicious women he’s ever met.
I can’t breathe. Each breath I take is harder and harder. It’s like drowning.
I try to focus on his handsome face.
His lips are stained red. His teeth are not right. What the hell?
I blink my eyes to try to clear my vision a little, but all its doing is making things darker. All I can see is his silhouette. Like a shadow. I can’t keep my eyes open. I can’t breathe. My neck hurts.
I feel like I’m dying.
Oh God, I am dying.
Why isn’t he helping me? He’s just watching me.
It’s hard to breath.
But I don’t care anymore.
I’m suddenly not feeling anything anymore.
I’m just cold.
I feel weightless…

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