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Dec 5, 2014 : Hola from Pensacola, Florida!!!


So, I had a very lovely 2 hour drive down here to Pensacola Beach. The pictures are the view from my room. LOVELY!

The drive was nice, its a beautiful day and traffic wasn’t bad, but then, I took back country roads most of the way anyway.

I’m not familiar with Pensacola that well. Panama City Beach Florida is much closer to me, so I usually go there. But, this is nice. Panama City is more of a ‘party town’. Crazy college kids and what not, even in the off season.

Pensacola is more laid back. An ‘older’ crowd. I saw a lot of good looking restaurants on the way in and my hotel is really nice. Small, but nice, and you cant beat that view. We’re having ourselves an ‘Indian summer’, so the weather is warm, a little human, and pretty damn nice. It will get chilly in the evening, but I wont be leaving the room, so its not a big deal.

Yes, I’m like, the only person in the world who goes to the beach, gets a beach view/access room, and then doesn’t leave the room.

I mean, come on. Sand is just fancy dirt. Ew. And people. EW!

My requirements on the room were – beach front, mini fridge, microwave, coffee maker and free wi-fi. Don’t care about the cable TV, I already unplugged the phone and rearrange the desk how I like it…so I can look up and view that beautiful ocean whenever I want.

The only downside I am seeing right now is that yes, the wi-fi is free, but its crappy speed-wise. I tried doing a little gaming when I got in and settled, and got irritated. So. Slow.

But, less gaming means more writing, right?

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