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Dec 4, 2014: ROAD TRIP!!!!

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Okay, so maybe I went a little overboard on the meme’s. Come on…they’re CATS!!!

So I’m taking a road trip this weekend. Just heading down to the beach to chill, have a change of scenery and stare at my laptop while listening to the soothing sounds of the waves as I try to kick start that creative process again.

I just need to get away from home for the weekend. Fat cat will be looked after, though she’s so clingy, she’s going to be all up in my stuff while I’m gone. And she knows I’m going somewhere. She has been trying to pack herself into my suitcase all day.

The drive isn’t a long one, maybe 2.5 hours, tops. I got myself a room with a beach view. Sadly it doesn’t have a balcony, but I didn’t want to spend $200.00 A NIGHT! Even on the ‘off-season’ the beach is pricey. Also, there’s something going on down there too…sporting event or something.

I just want to get away, look at the beach from a safe distance and hear the waves and write, write, write. I also need to clean out and organize my files on the laptop and my Dropbox.

I’ll have plenty to keep me occupied. I’ll be making my daily post, and if something spectacular happens, I might post more than once!!

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