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Dec 3, 2014 : Doctors appointments

nurse meme said doctor will be with you in a minute

I have a doctors appointment today down in the city. I love my doctors, all of them, honestly.

What I don’t love is the typical ‘your appointment is at 2:30’ but you actually wont be seen until 3:15, and that’s just the nurse taking your vitals and telling you the doctor will be with you in a minute.

It happens to us all. Usually, I set myself up with the very first appointment in the morning, so I am not waiting long, or for the doc to see someone before me. It works out nice.

I had no choice in this appointment. I had made it almost a year ago, and they sent me post cards changing the times and dates several times. I got stuck with this. Blah.

So basically, it will be a 35 minute drive, 40 minute waiting room wait, 30 minutes doctor wait, only to actually see the doctor for 10 minutes, then another 15 minute wait for the nurse to bring any instructions ordered by the doc, then waiting downstairs to get the next appointment, then the 35 minute drive home.

Its a good thing I like my doctor. I like all my doctors. I like most of their nurses too.

I usually don’t have to go down to the city for appointments. I found doctors closer to home here in town, but some doctors I just don’t want to give up because they know me, and I’m really comfortable with them. Getting a new doctor is a frustrating thing only because I’m so neurotic about people touching me, and it takes a bit for me to warm up to a new doctor and their nurses for me to have them touching me without me wanting to 1. lick or bite them or 2. scream like a maniac.

Hopefully there will be no surprises or snags making my way to my appointment, and I wont gain any new phobias sitting in the waiting room.

Oh, one thing to look forward to…people who bring their kids/grandkids to their appointments. I do love frightening the lil $%^%#@’s by growling or making faces.


Dec 2/2014 Motivation 0


Lack of motivation today = 1

Me = 0

I had plans for today. Coffee shop, writing, blogging, etc…

How did my day go? Well, I got up and nearly ready to head out to the coffee shop at around 8am this morning.

How did my day progress? Well, I was back in bed by 9am this morning.

I got up once afterward, looked at my computer and the little post-it notes of things to do today, groaned, prodded my lacking sense of brain for the day, then went back to crawl into the confines of my bed.

It is now 11:20pm. All day completely wasted away. No writing. No tasks. The only thing I am attempting is to post this update and be a little entertaining.

I have a lovely doctors appointment tomorrow, and I have to go down to the city for it. Oh, whee.

With much hope my motivation levels will return to normal. The creativity is there, the desire is there…its just…you know…the had earned the trust of my comfy bed and just couldn’t abandon it in its seemingly need for someone to embrace it.


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