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12/1/2014 – Squeezing out some Joy

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I have successfully shoved aside my distaste for all things holiday and ho ho ho and assembled a decent looking tree for the year to appease those close to me.

Of course, there’s purple EVERYWHERE!!!!

I will begrudgingly admit I had a nice time putting it all together. It was relaxing, and took my mind off more pressing things for a bit. I dont think it turned out too awful badly.

The fat cat is pretty good about leaving the tree and sparkly things alone, just sniffing here and there. She does like to curl up on the skirting from time to time. I guess her way of saying ‘I am your gift!’.

I dont so any other decorating when it comes to the holiday. Just a tree. And sometimes that doesnt even go up.

I’m feelings less scroogey this year maybe. I have many joys and happy things, so I might as well appease the masses by participating in a small way.

And look at all that PURPLE!!!


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