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The horror…the horror…


So, I haven’t done much of anything productive today. Haven t written, haven’t worked on my journal…

I have been reading blogs though!


Yes, I am finding so many things I think are so sharable.


Now, back to your regularly scheduled…well…whatever it is that you do when not actually looking at my page…

oh…stop touching’ll go blind!!! ~sage nods~ >_>

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2014 Year in review


So everyone is posting their ‘Year in Review’ stats from WordPress.

Not I.

Why? Its embarrassing. Its shameful. I. Am. A. Loser.

My stats are so pathetic. Granted, I’ve only had this thing running for a few months, but I guess I had unrealistic expectations. I mean, really, I added a donate button – one lovely person offered a donation. I added a ‘Gofundme’….0…zero…zip…nada… I even tweaked it a little, lowered the goal, etc..



I managed to lose 100 pounds of gushy fat. I am much healthier. I am no longer on medications for high cholesterol and blood pressure, no longer having to test my blood sugar every day for diabetes type II, which is gone. I can walk and climb stairs without huffing and puffing. I lost some of my bewbs, but man, my ass looks awesome 😉

I had to buy a new wardrobe. Okay, to most girls they scream and swoon over such things. Not me. It was an inconvenience. New shoes, too, because my feel don’t swell up like sausages anymore.

I still have COPD, which I will have forever.

I quit smoking.

I started smoking again. Okay, Okay…I dropped the ball there. However, I don’t smoke nearly as much, and I don’t smoke in the house anymore. I go outside. And sometimes its either too damn hot, or too damn cold, so I don’t smoke.

I wrote three books. Granted, I have 15 on my hard-drive, but 3 are ready for polishing and editing and publishing.

I’ve dove in to social media. I think its landing on the ‘fail’ side at the moment. I’ll get better over time though. I have met quite a few bloggers who keep me motivated and are, in their own way, showing me the do’s and dont’s.

I published a book. Its failing so far, but hey, I put myself out there. I will continue to do so.

I entered and completed my first NaNoWriMo.

I have done NaBloPoMo two straight months, and plan on keeping it going.

I have not had a blood-clot in my leg in about a year. My left leg will always be thicker than the right, but I’ve been extra careful about not banging in to things and bruising myself. Blood thinners are no fun for a klutz like me.

I have tolerated very much bullshit without murdering anyone. THAT is a real accomplishment.

I still have one of the best friends anyone could ask for. Though there are miles between us, its one of those friendships were we can go without talking on the phone for a week or more, and then call one another and pick back up right were we left off.

I have a great kid. She’s an idiot, but I love her.

I have a wonderful family. We’re dispersed all over the world, but that doesn’t stop our shenanigans.

I have read many many great works of art…not just books, but blogs. There are so many talented people in this world. Its a precious thing.

Later today I plan on whipping out my pen and paper and making my list for the coming year. My goals I hope to achieve. My dreams. My wants and needs. I’ll post that tomorrow.

So until next year…or unless I decide to blog again today…

Happy New Year All.

BE SAFE!!! BE RESPONSIBLE!!! You don’t know the lives you touch indirectly when it comes to being an online presence.


Oh, yeah…2015…hopefully the year of the ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE!!! GO WORLD ANNIHILATION!!!

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