The Road of Darkness: Chapter 7 Excerpt

Book cover smallJacob got up, moving to sit on the old mattress with her. He placed his fingers in a gentle manner on her chin, lifting her face to look at his. “I will teach you enough to get by if you’d like. I’ve been alone a very long time myself. We could travel together. Or, what sounds even nicer to me is to settle at your home. I tire of moving from place to place at times.” He said, his smile soft and warm. “It will be nice to have a companion once again, especially one as beautiful as you.”
Addison blushed, not keeping eye contact. She hadn’t received a compliment in a long time. Rendered speechless for a moment, Addison could do nothing for a moment, but then she nodded. “Yes, that would be nice.” She said. She grew tired of long periods of time alone. Her only contact with others being the little parties and social gatherings her charades managed to get her into.
Jacob gave a nod. “Well then. Let’s go out and see what we can find you to dine from…” He said, standing and moving to the bag, pulling out a fresh gentleman’s suit. “Well, find ourselves a little party to infiltrate.” He smiled; pulling off the soldier’s uniform he’d been wearing a piece at a time, with no sense of modesty.
Addison turned her face from him, her fingers fumbling to distract herself from his state of undress. Jacob took note of this. “Have you never seen a man naked before?” Addison didn’t answer; she just continued to tug at a loose strand of string on the blanket covering her.
Jacob moved to her, kneeling before her. He took her hand in his, bringing her wrist to his mouth. She blinked and looked at him, trying to draw her hand away. He opened his mouth, his sharp fangs, which were much more elongated than hers, pierced her flesh. He took a few tastes of her blood before withdrawing his teeth, placing a gentle kiss to the spot, the wound healing within moments.
“You died untouched. Never having been with a man, or knowing the pleasure of his touch…” He said. Addison’s eyes widened her face feeling as though dunked into a pool of hot water. “You…you can tell such things?” She whispered out, her embarrassment threatening to burn her alive.

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