The Road of Darkness: Chapter 6 excerpt.

Book cover smallOne night, as she surveyed a ravaged battlefield, the most incredible thing happened.
The hundreds of dead bodies littering the battlegrounds were being lit upon by what she could only call ‘Angels.’ She’d never seen anything like it before. It was beautiful, watching the young souls floating away. She froze in her place, watching the orbs of light ascend.
“Never seen that before, aye?” Came a male’s voice. It startled her; she whipped around, dagger in hand, her teeth bared.
“Now, now, no need for hostilities. Don’t you think the lands have enough of that going on with the mortal’s conflicts?” He said, raising a brow at her, unflinching. He was tall, with a firm build, dark well-kept hair. He wore a soldier’s uniform and carried a weapon; obvious an attempt to blend with the surroundings. He offered a smile, revealing his white fangs to her. “Calm down, Miss…I’m not here to cause any problems. I’ve been following you for several nights now…watching you…” He said.
Addison stood there, still tense, unable to speak or move in her stunned shock.

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