NaBloPoMo Day TwentyNine: Frustrations

NaBloPoMo_1114_465x287_NOV_zps8d81cd05tumblr_inline_ncwirn6Lr91sulamlSo, the last two days have been very frustrating.

I was aiming for my book to be released before Christmas. And that may still happen, I’ve just hit a small snag. I guess its inevitable in any endeavor one takes.

I’m moving to use a different distributor. I’m not naming names, but I think my less than stellar decision with the first has finally been trumped with a new one, thanks to someone dropping me a tid-bit and me doing a little bit of research.

The problem lies in the formatting of my novel. It has to be overhauled, and really, I lack the abilities to do it for both ebook and print book. So I’ll be hiring someone for conversion purposes. Another cost.

But, hopefully it will be worth it. Bigger distribution and availability.

Marketing and promotion is another wall I find myself beating my head against. Being a novice in all this, its a real learning process. I want quality, but, yanno, I don’t know where to start sometimes.

But I’m trying to keep a positive attitude. My book may not be a big seller, but the point is, I’m putting it out there…I’m putting myself out there. And I have more than the one book. When the follow-up book is ready for release, I’ll have valuable lessons learned from this first books release to fall upon. Resources found.

And then there are the erotica books. All 13 of them. By then, I’ll know what I’m doing, I would hope.

Oh, another frustration I’m coping with. Insomnia. Now, I have a sleep disorder. I have a 2mg prescription for Ambien. It isn’t helping me right now. Ugh. And with the lack of sleep, it seems to compound any other emotions to heighten.

And my microwave died this morning. ~WAILS~

On a positive note, I do believe I will be joining NaBloPoMo for the month of December, and trying new things with the blog.

If any of you would like to ask specific questions, give an interview, have me as a ‘guest’, I would totally love that. Being a newb at all this, I could use a little help. I’m up for anything.

And a thank you to those who are indeed reading, and consider my request for a little help, a little exposure, etc.

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  1. Good luck as you find your way through the process. Thankfully, there are resources out there to help with formatting ebooks — and advice on promoting. I’ve done the ebook formatting several times, but I feel like a total novice at promotions. But you’ve already done a TON of work by completing all those books!

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