NaBloPoMo Day TwentyFour: In a weird place



So today has been a little weird. I’m listless, bored, yet, full of energy it would seem, as I’ve tried to take the easy way out and ooze into bed and sleep the day away, only to have fits and get up every 10 minutes.

I’ve written a lot today. Between my follow up book and my erotica serial. I’ve tended to my poor fat cat, who, much to her displeasure, will be taking a trip to the vet tomorrow for an open wound on her tummy.

The weather is weird. Yesterday it was all rain and tornadoes, today its bright and sunny and rather warm as I’m comfy in my t shirt (Spike from Cowboy Bebop) and a pair of shorts.

I love sitting out on my front porch, especially when the weather is so pleasant. However, it would seem Mother Nature is once again working against me. She has sent me swarms of Lady-Bugs. Kamikaze Lady-Bugs. Like, dive bomb and stick to your face Kamikaze Lady-bugs.

I’ve already told you people how I feel about bugs. Even little lady-bugs. They are bugs. Ew. No. Me squealing like 10 year old little girl.

My fat cat is enjoying it though. I fixed her a little pallet in front of the window so she can watch me cry like a baby. The poor petite cant hardly jump with that boo boo on her belly, so I’m trying to make her as comfortable as possible until tomorrows appointment.

I noticed throughout my humdrum weird and squirrely day that I have not been listening to any music. Maybe I need to make myself a playlist and do just that. I’m surprised I’ve written as much on my books as I have without it.

Well, now, I’m just rambling. I tend to do that. In a few moments I’ll be talking to myself. Or the cat. Either way, I answer.

I have never written ‘flash fiction’ before. That’s just a short story? No? I think maybe I might give it a shot, something new, something short. Something I can post on up here. You don’t know what a challenge it is to keep the smut from my writings. HAR!

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  1. Glad you’re writing is going well! Flash fiction is a very short story. I don’t know if there’s a strict word limit to the definition, but it’s probably fewer than 1,000 words. Something that you can easily read in a short sitting.

    • Zoe Ambler says:

      Thanks for clearing that up. I dont know if I can write something that short. Hhmm.. I get quite wordy and descriptive in my writing. I guess there’s a first time for everything! I’ll give it a go! Thanks again! 😀

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