NaBloPoMo Day TwentyFive : What a day >:[



I couldn’t resist that meme. I ABHOR the holiday season, and so many people have Christmas stuff up and in their windows now, and damn people, it isn’t even Food Coma Day yet!

Anyway, I’ve had quite the day, hence so late in my blogging endeavors.

First up…I had a doctors appointment. Everything went well. According to the Doc, yes, I’m still crazy. Keep taking the meds. >_>

Then there was a million and a half things going on around me and at home.

I wasn’t able to get any writing done, which makes my day feel lacking in a way. Out of sorts. My ROUTINE!!!! My precious routine was thrown off.

I’ve been coddling my wounded fat cat. Apparently when that dog bit her a few weeks ago, while he didn’t puncture the flesh, he still hurt her pretty bad. Saturday night I noticed she had licked an area on her belly completely raw. By Sunday night, she had licked a HOLE! EW!

Today was the earliest the vet could see her. Thankfully he believes she’ll heal up with some antibiotics, anti-inflammatory and pain meds. If not, in 10 days she may need a little minor surgery to remove the infected tissue if it doesn’t drain.

Yanno, I hear doctors, any doctors, getting a bad rap a lot from various people. “Oh, he’s a quack!” “blah blah blah”.

I love every doctor I have to deal with. My doctors and my cats…lol.

Well, I feel like I missed out on so much today…things I could and should have done. My day doesn’t feel complete. MY ROUTINE!!!

What a day. Hopefully tomorrow things settle back down into normalcy. Well, as normal as my life gets.

Oh, and if you have Christmas decorations up already…BAH HUMBUG!!! BLECH!!!


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