NaBloPoMo Day TwentyEight: A lost art



Remember snail mail? Yanno, before it was nothing but junk and bills?

Whatever happened to sitting down and writing a good old fashioned letter? We don’t do world wide pen pals anymore that you hear of, that don’t just sit down on Skype, Y!M or what have you.

It seems we have all got better things to do than sit down and hand write a letter. There is something so pure in a handwritten letter. More meaningful maybe, than an email?

I include my ‘snail mail’ in my contact info always, just for those people who do like to write a nice letter, and receive one in return. While my handwriting is comparable to that of a serial killer, it is somewhat legible. HAR!

Snail mail is slow, but it builds that anticipation if you know your expecting something. And if you aren’t expecting it, receiving a letter puts a smile on your face immediately. Its a treasure, its a joy.

Surprise someone with a good old fashioned heartfelt letter. Write to me if you’d like. (No dead things please >_>) Of course I will reply. I’ll try to keep the serial killer legibility of my left handed script down.

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  1. adminlmg says:

    I just sent my friend a letter with his Xmas present! I write him by post a few times a year. He hasn’t complained yet!

    • Zoe Ambler says:

      Well, I’m not one for shipping out packages and such for fear of the dreaded wait in line at the post office, but I love sitting down and writing, just a ramble, then scuttling it off into the mailbox. If I had more friends, I would do it more often. *note to self: Get more friends*

  2. A handwritten letter is like a gift, since someone took the time to do it. Thank you notes are much better when written by hand. But then, I might be old fashioned about this. 🙂

  3. I love snail mail and even bought stationary so I could write pretty letters to people.

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