NaBloPoMo: Day Three: Late Starts

NaBloPoMo_1114_465x287_NOV_zps8d81cd05IMG_20141103_153232Yes, the above pic is of my little corner workstation in my local coffee shop. I go here just about every day to work. I have plenty of peace and quiet at home, but coming here to the coffee shop I have less distractions. I don’t like gaming on the laptop, the connection is slow, and I can focus a little better.

Today I’m off to a late start. I had to do the dreaded grocery shopping and errand run this morning. I loathe shopping. LOATHE it. But its a necessary evil.

So now that all that business is done, I’m hunkered down here at my table at my coffee shop relaxing with my ‘hammerhead’ (iced coffee with 3 shots of espresso and iced coffee cubes…yums).

Does anyone else despise shopping like I do? I mean, I don’t even like girly shopping for clothing and whatnot. I get everything online, shipped to my door. If it doesn’t come in small, medium or large I don’t get I do not ‘try things on’. Yeah, I’m kind of tom-boyish, but I color my hair purple, I paint my nails (usually black or purple…lol) and on special occasions I’ll even whip out the make-up. I just dont like shopping.

The only exception to my distaste for shopping is a book store, office supply store or craft store. I mean, books store…thats a no brainer. Office supplies. I love them. I horde them. I have no clue as to why. And craft stores. I buy little craft projects and never do them. Okay, I do, but sometimes I have to wait until the mood strikes me.

Grocery shopping, shoes, clothing, other errand…yuck. I love this modern age of paying bills online. Back in the day you had to actually go to the utility companies to pay your bills with cash or paper checks.

I’m. So. Old.

Well, hope you enjoyed todays ramblings. If you check out my blogspot blogger, you’ll see an entirely different topic.


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  1. nice pic! great writing so far, be checking back ๐Ÿ™‚

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