NaBloPoMo Day Ten: Me and my Phone

NaBloPoMo_1114_465x287_NOV_zps8d81cd05Amazon-Fire-phoneMy phone and I. We share a love/hate relationship. I love to hate it, and well, it just hates me.

I got the snazzy new Amazon Fire Phone. Its a nice phone. Though, it lacks some of the old classic functions of my old Samsung. But it does things that the old phone didnt. How to use those thing, however, escapes me.

I’m not big on phones anyway. I use it pretty minimally. I make an occasional call. I receive calls. I snap a picture here and there. I use Skype or text on it. I look at the weather.

And thats pretty much about it.

I dont take it everywhere with me. Sometimes I completely forget about the damned thing period. But, as the world works, in those times I forget about it, everyone and their cousin tries to get hold of me…lol.

I dont have a ‘land-line’ phone. I refuse to have one. Its bad enough telemarketers and the likes manage to get you on the cell. I love my call blocker app.

Speaking of apps…I have few. Call blocker, Facebook, Skype, Amazon (of course). The nice things about the Fire Phone is that all my kindle books are on it, meaning I dont have to worry about carrying my Kindle everywhere with me, which I am terrible about remembering to charge.

Some people are seemingly attached to their phone. They take it everywhere, even into the restroom. Nope…its bad enough my cat insists on accompanying me to the bathroom, I will not have the phone begging for my attention on the throne!

Oh, my phone is my alarm. Its like a watch I dont wear. Its probably my most used function on my phone.

For as much as I am not a phone person, I wouldnt know the time, date or day of the week without it.

And its pretty. 😉

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