NaBloPoMo Day Nine: My Personal Space

NaBloPoMo_1114_465x287_NOV_zps8d81cd05Personal+space+how+to+get+it+mutha+fucka_cc5f9a_3740991I am big on personal space. I have a big bubble. I will lick you. Seriously.

Usually my ‘look’ keeps people at a nice safe distance, but then there are just those people who have no clue of personal space. They feel the need to be as close as possible to you. Breathing YOUR air. Speaking to you as if everything is a whispered secret in your ear. NO. STAHP!

I hate to be rude. I take a step back, trying to give a subtle hint. If its a stranger, yes, I will make it a little more obvious so they get the jist of things. If it is someone I know, yes, I will indeed lick them. I have no shame.

I would not survive in a big city on public transportation and the likes. Oh, no, no, no. I nearly want to scream sometimes just in the check-out line of the grocery store.

I have to be ‘prepared’ for an invasion of my sacred personal space. I mean, I shake hands, give kisses and such. Just dont ‘rush’ me.

Yes, weird perhaps. I’ve warned you all I was quirky.

Just remember, if we ever meet…I will lick you.


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  1. jenniesisler says:

    Good to know! If we ever meet, I’m a hugger, so I’ll dial it back a bit so I don’t get licked;)

  2. C.C. says:

    Haha, this is great. I can relate. I have a HUGE personal bubble and cannot stand ‘close talkers’ but can’t say that I have ever employed the “I will lick you” approach. Great post.

    • Zoe Ambler says:

      thanks! I encourage you to try the ‘lick’ approach at least once. The facial expression you’ll receive is truly priceless and one you’ll treasure in your memories forever. 😉

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