NaBloPoMo Day Fourteen: A day in my life

NaBloPoMo_1114_465x287_NOV_zps8d81cd05ebd6623880fd3399f3d27878c433ce63A day in my life. Well. I live a pretty boring life. Okay, I guess that depends on who you are and how you view things.

But I will take you along a typical day for me, granted no two days are ever the same. I suffer from a sleep disorder, so a ‘day’ for me is never typical, like, 9-5. Sometimes I am roaming around at 4am, sometimes I am taking a short snooze at 3pm.

Generally, this is a list of my routine. I need routine. Even with a wonky sleep schedule, I have a certain routine I follow, and when that routine is disrupted, well, things just get a weird. I tend to get a little cranky.

So, my ‘day’ usually starts off with coffee and oozing attention on my fat cat. Treats and cuddles and baby-talk.

I get myself dressed and pack up the laptop and head to the coffee shop, usually between 7am and 10am. I am more productive in writing, especially blogging, from the coffee shop. The slower connection discourages me from sneaking on to my games.

I get myself the ‘Bottomless’ $6.54 all day coffee, which I bring my very own 22oz. mug for. Its purple, of course. And then I start to work. I check mail, read blogs, think about what I’d like to blog and share, find meme’s that seem suitable. I also work on my hand written journals.

And then there are distractions here and there. I know all the barista’s here, and they all know me, so we all sit around having good conversation when they aren’t too busy.

Once I get my blogs, journals, mail and other little things out of the way, I pack up. Sometimes I’m here for hours on end, making them regret only charging me 6bux for that all day coffee, sometimes I’m only here for a few hours.

Once I pack in and leave, I sometimes run errands. That’s not very common. Then its off to home once again. I ooze more attention and affections on my fat cat, play my games, write a bit on my books, write a bit for role-plays on previously mentioned games. Then its movie or series time. I catch up on my shows, which I only watch maybe a total of 4. I try to find some horror movies I haven’t seen. I read. I read some more.

Reading makes my eyes more tired than anything else. So that prompts me to give a nap a try. Sometimes I get 2 hours, sometimes I get 4.

Then its FOOD TIME! Now, I’m no chef. I don’t even like cooking. I can do it, and do it well, I just don’t like to. So I usually go for something easy, or if really lazy, there’s Ramen or frozen meals.

More coffee, more cuddles with the fat cat. More gaming, reading and writing.

See, nothing too exciting. Pretty mundane. I live in my home office. I love my coffee shop.

I spend time with my family as well, when they are around. We eat together, watch movies together, etc. But everyone has their own lives.

My little life isn’t exciting, but its mine, and I’m very happy with it. I know I’m loved, I love my routines and habits. I love my family and friends.

And I love my writing time, be it the out of the blue updating of a book I’m working on, writing a role-play, or contemplating my next blog.

And my CAT! I love my fat cat.

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