NaBloPoMo Day Eighteen: Purple and other trivial things



I love the color purple. Right now, I’m sitting here in my hair coloring smock with a plastic cap on covering my touch up on my purple hair.

Having purple hair is a task. The right shade that is. Bright, vibrant. The problem and tasks of purple colored hair is that it fades. It lightens. Its still purple, sure, but not that vivacious purple I love. And then there is the whole process of your roots showing. You see, you cant just slap on purple hair dye. No, you have to process the hair first. Well, especially if you have grey hair. All that leads to damaging the hair.

So, extra careful I am!

I have forgone my daily jaunt to the coffee shop for two days now. I know they have probably contacted the police by now, my little corner being vacant and without a little purple haired author typing away.

I haven’t worked on my novel writing in two days either. I know, what I slacker I am being! And I have so much work to do!

Instead of working, I’ve been gaming, RP writing, blog reading…see, this is why I cant work on serious things like blogging and writing at home…too many distractions.

My fat cat doesn’t help either. She sits here, pawing at my face, petting my shoulder, sticking her paw in my mouth and nose…all for attention. And that’s attention I just can not deny.

At the moment, however, she is satisfied watching me type, and she is resisting poking at my head. Yes, she had come away with purple on her paws, and other places, before. Being a cat, of course she insists on being in the bathroom with me any time I step into the room. She gets on the sink, she noses around. She gets in the way.

Today I believe, after I run some dreaded errands, that I will take my keyboard and mouse and do my every so often swap out for cleaning. I have one of those nifty keyboards that you can submerse in water…toss that sucker in the sink and get it good and clean. Its a shame it doesn’t come in purple. HOWEVER…the stand-by keyboard is indeed purple. >_>

I do like other colors. Honest. As a matter of fact, lime/neon green is a favorite. I wouldn’t do my hair that color, it just wouldnt suit my skin tone, but my phone case, on the go coffee mug, and other little things I keep with me are lime green, or neon green. My shoe laces are neon green. It looks smashing against the purple.

Today seems to be a ramble day. I should be working. I have a book to publish. Hell, I have 20 books to publish.

They can wait til tomorrow however. I mean, I deserve a day off here and there, too, don’t I?

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  1. I just told my husband that I want purple hair! Love it!

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