NaBloPoMo Day Eight: I go Bump…

NaBloPoMo_1114_465x287_NOV_zps8d81cd0510302017_732099480172990_3505111044394042126_nPeople ask my why I chose such a simple, yet seemingly irrelevant title for my page.

Its pretty simple actually. To me ‘I go bump in the night…’ sums me up as a person and writer quite well. I love scary, creepy and spooky things…the things that go bump in the night.

And then there is the more humorous side of things. I am an insomniac. I roam the house at all hours, and I am a renowned klutz. I literally go bump in the night…everywhere. Furniture, doors, walls. Usually there’s the initial ‘bump’…followed by some pretty unladylike cursing. 😉

I have a pretty dark and morbid sense of humor. A lot of that comes out in my books and other writings. I had posted to my personal blog yesterday on the matter. When it comes to humor, nothing is ‘off limits’ to me, and I am often told I’m going to hell. >_>. I find it hilarious.

“I go bump in the night” just encompasses so much for me. My way of living, my habits, my likes and desires, even my style.

I guess its like a catch phrase. Do you have one? What little moniker or phrase seems to sum you up in a few simple words?

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  1. “Bump in the night” sounds like it fits you to a T! I can’t really think of a catchphrase that would nicely describe me, but I’ve been told by several people that I’m stubborn 🙂

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