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NaBloPoMo Day Thirty: An end, but a beginning

NaBloPoMo_1114_465x287_NOV_zps8d81cd05edb7d9e4c696c7098f901099985fd588So today ends NaNoWriMo, which I had finished two books in record time. It also marks the end of NaBloPoMo, well, at least for November. I did indeed sign up for December, but I’m going to be doing it a bit differently.

I want to give posting some ‘flash fiction’ from time to time, along with my meandering musings. I’m not making things so…official…

I will still strive for a post a day, sharing things. I’m not participating through my personal blog on blogger/blogspot though, mostly because no one really reads it. Unless I just rant, cry, or have something personal that may be funny or something.

I don’t really hold much back here on this blog however. So really, its not a big difference.

Flash faction has been rolling around my head a lot lately. For me, its a challenge. I’m not used to writing ‘short stories’. I’m long winded, wordy and descriptive in my writing, so something short and to the point will be both a challenge, and probably pretty refreshing.

Of course I still need to promote my upcoming book. Or books. I have so many for publishing. The first and second take priority of course. Then I can get to the erotica series.

I’ve found some really great people to follow, who help me in my creative process, get me thinking and make me both think and laugh with their blog posts. For that I am thankful.

I was wondering, is that anything anyone would like to see in particular? A story? A series of questions? I feel like I need more interaction with my readers. And I am always ready and willing to interact. The only things I am not really capable of is poetry and lyrics. HAR! I couldn’t make a poem to save my life.

I am craving interaction. Come on people, help a purple haired girl out.

NaBloPoMo Day TwentyNine: Frustrations

NaBloPoMo_1114_465x287_NOV_zps8d81cd05tumblr_inline_ncwirn6Lr91sulamlSo, the last two days have been very frustrating.

I was aiming for my book to be released before Christmas. And that may still happen, I’ve just hit a small snag. I guess its inevitable in any endeavor one takes.

I’m moving to use a different distributor. I’m not naming names, but I think my less than stellar decision with the first has finally been trumped with a new one, thanks to someone dropping me a tid-bit and me doing a little bit of research.

The problem lies in the formatting of my novel. It has to be overhauled, and really, I lack the abilities to do it for both ebook and print book. So I’ll be hiring someone for conversion purposes. Another cost.

But, hopefully it will be worth it. Bigger distribution and availability.

Marketing and promotion is another wall I find myself beating my head against. Being a novice in all this, its a real learning process. I want quality, but, yanno, I don’t know where to start sometimes.

But I’m trying to keep a positive attitude. My book may not be a big seller, but the point is, I’m putting it out there…I’m putting myself out there. And I have more than the one book. When the follow-up book is ready for release, I’ll have valuable lessons learned from this first books release to fall upon. Resources found.

And then there are the erotica books. All 13 of them. By then, I’ll know what I’m doing, I would hope.

Oh, another frustration I’m coping with. Insomnia. Now, I have a sleep disorder. I have a 2mg prescription for Ambien. It isn’t helping me right now. Ugh. And with the lack of sleep, it seems to compound any other emotions to heighten.

And my microwave died this morning. ~WAILS~

On a positive note, I do believe I will be joining NaBloPoMo for the month of December, and trying new things with the blog.

If any of you would like to ask specific questions, give an interview, have me as a ‘guest’, I would totally love that. Being a newb at all this, I could use a little help. I’m up for anything.

And a thank you to those who are indeed reading, and consider my request for a little help, a little exposure, etc.

NaBloPoMo Day TwentyEight: A lost art



Remember snail mail? Yanno, before it was nothing but junk and bills?

Whatever happened to sitting down and writing a good old fashioned letter? We don’t do world wide pen pals anymore that you hear of, that don’t just sit down on Skype, Y!M or what have you.

It seems we have all got better things to do than sit down and hand write a letter. There is something so pure in a handwritten letter. More meaningful maybe, than an email?

I include my ‘snail mail’ in my contact info always, just for those people who do like to write a nice letter, and receive one in return. While my handwriting is comparable to that of a serial killer, it is somewhat legible. HAR!

Snail mail is slow, but it builds that anticipation if you know your expecting something. And if you aren’t expecting it, receiving a letter puts a smile on your face immediately. Its a treasure, its a joy.

Surprise someone with a good old fashioned heartfelt letter. Write to me if you’d like. (No dead things please >_>) Of course I will reply. I’ll try to keep the serial killer legibility of my left handed script down.

NaBloPoMo Day TwentySeven: Thanks



Feeling like this cat up here after shoving all that holiday food in you? I call it a Food Coma.

I went out, had a dinner at Ryans. Paid way too much, as it was a buffet, and well, I only eat about 4 ounces of food. So, yeah. Not worth the price, but I enjoyed my company. We had a very nice time.

Then I came home and attempted to get some sleep. I brought out the big guns. My prescription to 2mg of Ambien.

I slept for about 4 hours. No, no where near enough, but at least its something.

So, what have I got to be thankful for today?

My loved ones

My friends

My growing community of friends and followers, supporters and fans here on my site

The hopeful success of my book, and coming series

My fat cat. We can not leave out my fat cat.

I’m thankful for the medications that keep me from being, well, a homicidal maniac. Having such an imagination that I do, I could be a rather dangerous person when you think about it. Thank you Doctors!!!

Thank you to the people I met through NaNo this year. I made some friendships that will outgo the NaNo month.

I’m thankful for coffee and sweetened condensed milk. Heaven.

I may be a scrooge and anti-holiday person, but that doesn’t mean I don’t value what I have.

Have a good day all, tell those that mean something to you that they do indeed mean something to you. Cuddle, hug, kiss.

NaBloPoMo Day TwentySix: My view on books



Yes, yes…I’m an author, we all know I’m TRYING to get you people interested in my book. (sssooonn my presshhhuuuss). But I am very particular myself when it comes to books. eBooks and actual books.

Most of us love reading. Why are we reading blogs? We love to read. And being the modern age, most of us have a nifty gadget just for reading. A Kindle or a Nook, an iPad thingy… I have a Kindle. I love my Kindle. I buy many many eBooks. Give me a credit card and I’m a dangerous person with a Kindle.

However, when I find a book I just love, I ALWAYS buy the actual book as well. There’s just something about a book. The feel of it in your hands. The weight. The texture of the pages. The smell. To have it there within your grasp. To slip a cute little bookmark in the pages. Yes, this bookmark must feature cats or zombies. It’s the law, I think.


So, never give me access to a credit card in a bookstore either. I have tons of books here in my office, so many that I don’t have enough shelves. Does that prevent me from buying more books? NOPE! No way, nu-uh. Give me more monies so I can buy more lovely books!

I have books on so many subjects. Fiction, Non-fiction, classic literature. FBI Manuals!!! Autopsy guides, medical journals, history books…

You know what kind of book you WONT find in my collection? A cookbook…lol. Or books about vampires that sparkle. Blech.

So, I’m feeding an author not once, but twice. I mean, most of us publish ebooks at a price less than a trade paperback. And let me tell you, when you pay print costs, you aren’t making much. Then there is advertising, marketing, promoting. ISBNs. Cover art. Templates for those not swift with the formatting.

Now, I’m talking from a purely self publishing author stand point. Sure, there’s easy ways to go about it. A fancy book publisher and distributor. Createspace, Smashwords, BlueAsh, etc. And for a price, some places will help promote and the likes.
But I never do things the easy way. NOPE! If I can possibly make it more difficult, I will. >_<

Back on topic… yes, eBooks and the real book.

Some books I get purely for sentimental reasons. I have a lovely binding of Edgar Allen Poe’s complete collection, nicely protected in plastic shrink wrap, as well as Dante’s Inferno. I will never open them. I have the ‘read’ copies in paperback. I also have multiple copies of several of Stephen King’s works. I can read ‘The Stand’ over and over. And I do. And then I have a copy that doesn’t have a single crease on it at all. Same with my Anne Rice and Mira Grant books. I have ‘read’ copies, and then the ‘do not open or crease my spine’ copies.

EBooks’ are my discovery tool I guess, in a way. It’s how I find those rare treasures that I just fall in love with.

Best example…’Area 187, Almost Hell’ by Eric R. Lowther. I ABSOLUTELY love this book. I read it for the first time on my best friends Kindle account. COVET COVET COVET. I had to have it.

So I have it on my own Kindle, and I have the paperback as well. Mr. Lowther even stopped by here once. I thought I was going to die of fan-girl-ness. Okay, maybe pee myself a little, and then die. I did actually sit here at the keyboard squealing like a ten year old fan girl though. What I wouldn’t give for his autograph. I patiently await more of his work. I got his last piece, but, yanno, I’m a greedy wench.

I don’t think people appreciate actual books as much as they should. The virtual book world is great. A portable library. But don’t you ever miss an actual library? The smell, the hushed tones? Or curling up in your favorite chair or bed with a nice cup of whatever it is you love to sip on and read…actually turn pages. There is a certain comfort to be found in actual paper books. For some of us…yanno, us old farts, picking up an old book brings back memories as well. I mean, think back to how old you were, what the fashion styles were, what the music was and whatnot when you first picked up and read Hamlet, Macbeth, Flowers for Algernon, or any of those books that were ‘mandatory reading’ in your Junior/High School Lit class. There’s just something very distinct about holding an old, or new, real book. Sure, they are not all sleek and smooth and slim and compact as our nifty e-readers, but they can evoke so much more just by holding them, opening them, and reading off a paper page.

And besides, when the zombie apocalypse happens and we are cast into a world with no power, how the hell are we going to read our Kindles??

Writer’s Quote Wednesday 10/22/14–Dr. Seuss

NaBloPoMo Day TwentyFive : What a day >:[



I couldn’t resist that meme. I ABHOR the holiday season, and so many people have Christmas stuff up and in their windows now, and damn people, it isn’t even Food Coma Day yet!

Anyway, I’ve had quite the day, hence so late in my blogging endeavors.

First up…I had a doctors appointment. Everything went well. According to the Doc, yes, I’m still crazy. Keep taking the meds. >_>

Then there was a million and a half things going on around me and at home.

I wasn’t able to get any writing done, which makes my day feel lacking in a way. Out of sorts. My ROUTINE!!!! My precious routine was thrown off.

I’ve been coddling my wounded fat cat. Apparently when that dog bit her a few weeks ago, while he didn’t puncture the flesh, he still hurt her pretty bad. Saturday night I noticed she had licked an area on her belly completely raw. By Sunday night, she had licked a HOLE! EW!

Today was the earliest the vet could see her. Thankfully he believes she’ll heal up with some antibiotics, anti-inflammatory and pain meds. If not, in 10 days she may need a little minor surgery to remove the infected tissue if it doesn’t drain.

Yanno, I hear doctors, any doctors, getting a bad rap a lot from various people. “Oh, he’s a quack!” “blah blah blah”.

I love every doctor I have to deal with. My doctors and my cats…lol.

Well, I feel like I missed out on so much today…things I could and should have done. My day doesn’t feel complete. MY ROUTINE!!!

What a day. Hopefully tomorrow things settle back down into normalcy. Well, as normal as my life gets.

Oh, and if you have Christmas decorations up already…BAH HUMBUG!!! BLECH!!!


NaBloPoMo Day TwentyFour: In a weird place



So today has been a little weird. I’m listless, bored, yet, full of energy it would seem, as I’ve tried to take the easy way out and ooze into bed and sleep the day away, only to have fits and get up every 10 minutes.

I’ve written a lot today. Between my follow up book and my erotica serial. I’ve tended to my poor fat cat, who, much to her displeasure, will be taking a trip to the vet tomorrow for an open wound on her tummy.

The weather is weird. Yesterday it was all rain and tornadoes, today its bright and sunny and rather warm as I’m comfy in my t shirt (Spike from Cowboy Bebop) and a pair of shorts.

I love sitting out on my front porch, especially when the weather is so pleasant. However, it would seem Mother Nature is once again working against me. She has sent me swarms of Lady-Bugs. Kamikaze Lady-Bugs. Like, dive bomb and stick to your face Kamikaze Lady-bugs.

I’ve already told you people how I feel about bugs. Even little lady-bugs. They are bugs. Ew. No. Me squealing like 10 year old little girl.

My fat cat is enjoying it though. I fixed her a little pallet in front of the window so she can watch me cry like a baby. The poor petite cant hardly jump with that boo boo on her belly, so I’m trying to make her as comfortable as possible until tomorrows appointment.

I noticed throughout my humdrum weird and squirrely day that I have not been listening to any music. Maybe I need to make myself a playlist and do just that. I’m surprised I’ve written as much on my books as I have without it.

Well, now, I’m just rambling. I tend to do that. In a few moments I’ll be talking to myself. Or the cat. Either way, I answer.

I have never written ‘flash fiction’ before. That’s just a short story? No? I think maybe I might give it a shot, something new, something short. Something I can post on up here. You don’t know what a challenge it is to keep the smut from my writings. HAR!

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