The Road of Darkness: Chapter Three

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Addison gave it a lot of though. As she dressed for the evening, she came up with the idea of a young niece of Aiden Jasper that could be the new deed bearer. Addison would appear years later to stake her claim as this niece. Of course, this was something she would have to do for…well…forever…to ensure she kept what was hers by right.
Satisfied with her plan, she looked herself over in the mirror. She dressed herself in one of her mother’s more risqué gowns. It was a deep crimson. Addison chuckled. It was fitting. Her corset cinched up tight as she had no need to breathe, making for ample bosoms while her waist was trim and petite.
She went to Neeta’s room, letting herself into her nanny’s room. The old woman sat on her bed, and her spell book and chicken bones lay out before her.
Addison looked everything over. “Conjuring?” She asked in a plain tone. Neeta shook her head. “Divinatin’.” The elder woman said. Addison gave a nod. “Nothing looks too bright, does it?” She asked though she wasn’t seeking a response. “I want a copy of your book. Everything. Every spell, enchantment, curse, hex, ward…everything.” Addison then said in a demanding voice, yet her tone was soft.
“You be dressin’ like a harlot Miss Addison…you be goin’ to da city?” Neeta then asked somewhat bold.

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