The Road Of Darkness: Chapter 4 Excerpt

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Addison made herself comfortable in the room, stripping down to her corset and petticoat. She listened and waited; sharp hearing tuned to the noises of the home and family. When the home became quiet, the family having retired for the night, Addison crept through the halls. She started in the children’s rooms. One by one, she took each child up in her arms in a gentle manner, her mouth seeking that perfect spot where the blood pulsed within the neck. She killed each little one, draining them of their life giving blood. But her hunger was not sated; it was only a snack for her veracious appetite. And it would not do to leave untidy ‘loose ends.’
She made her way to the couple’s bedroom; her pale blue reflective eyes seeing everything clear in the darkness of the home. She entered into the bedroom, moving to the slumbering Thomas’ side of the bed. She climbed atop of him, straddling his waist, waking him. At his startled gasp and shocked questioning, he woke his wife.
Addison, using speed she hadn’t known she possessed, reached a hand to clamp down on Vivian’s throat, holding the woman still and quiet. She then leaned over the husband, and as she had done with the children, she roamed his neck for the pulsing beat.

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