My most favorite time of the year…


The weather is cooling, its getting darker earlier, you can smell the lovely scent of wood in the fireplace. Fall, and more importantly, Halloween. The best holiday ever. Ghosts and goblins, witches and vampires. And lets not forget the ever important Zombies!

As always, I am dressed in a Gothic maroon and black lace dress, sporty black boots, and later this evening I will place upon my head my little pointed hat and cloak.

Granted, I live in the country, so I get no little trick or treaters, but I make up for it by making it a night on the town, spreading my cheer.

Do you do anything special for the evening? It doesn’t matter how old you are, its a fun night, let your hair down, or frightfully up!

This marks the end of the harvest in my sleepy little town, everyone is stocking up on firewood and venison.

The weather will keep getting cooler, how cold, we don’t know yet. Its been a questionable year, with no real sweltering heat, so it may just continue to be mild.

To all my little goths and geeks and freaks, keep safe! Don’t over indulge in the sweets, and keep those beloved pets inside for their protection!

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