Excerpt: The Road of Darkness: Chapter Two

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She had been missing for more than a week. Her father and the local sheriff found her horse and carriage. With further investigation, they found her soiled, torn and bloodied dress in the dirty alleyway, along with her coin purse, still full of money as well as her shoes. They feared the worst.
Aiden and Caroline mourned the loss of their one and only child. They held a funeral service at the family cemetery on the northern part of their property, far from the swamp and bayous.
Addison remained within the city. She would feed on the less fortunate, the homeless, and the slaves chained to posts in the square. Sometimes she would even break into a home, feeding on an entire family for the night, taking refuge in their home during the daylight hours. That was when she got the first glimpse of herself and what she had become.
She looked into the tall dressing mirror. Her once neatly curled hair was long and straight, messy and disheveled. Dirt and dried blood stained her now porcelain skin, no longer holding that sun kissed glow.
The sight of her eyes haunted her. No longer were they a vivid blue, but now a pale blue, very pale. In the light of a single candle she had lit, they reflected back at her, like a cat’s eyes.
She sobbed at her appearance. She wanted to go home. She wanted her mother and her father.
What would they think of her? Do they miss her? She had so many questions. She was left with no one to answer those questions for her. She was alone.
She stayed within the city for another week, gorging herself endlessly before moving toward the outskirts, to the less populated areas; back toward home.
She walked the dirt road leading to the front of the plantation home. One of the slaves holding a torch for light quickly came running. “Miss Addison…dat be you?” He asked hesitantly upon seeing the pale girl, her corset and petticoat stained in blood and dirty, and the petticoat torn and ripped, ragged at the ends above her slim ankles and muddy bare feet.
“Master! Master!” He yelled, waking everyone on the property. “It be Miss Addison…I think…” He said, not wanting to get too close. She smelled.

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