3am Musings: Titles.

Its a lovely 3am, a slight chill outside and a beautiful clear morning sky.

I’ve been wresting lately with my books title. Some authors revise many times over the course of writing. Some start with a title and go from there, branching off of that main theme or idea, and some find the perfect title within the words of the writing itself; a quote or lovely snip.

I am not happy with my current title or its length. I want to shorten it, without taking away too much. I have several ideas that I will pitch to my editors, family and friends, and see if there are other perspectives that I’m just not seeing within the writing itself.

Book two has its title. The story is moving, though I was displeased with a portion and scrapped it. Little scrapping aside, its developing nicely.

Well, I suppose with the coming sun in a few hours, I should run and hide from it, we vampire/zombie/sketchy-magee types avoid direct sunlight when possible…

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